Saturday , 19 December 2015
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#7 Deja Visite – 10 Strange Phenomena of the Human Mind

Deja Visite

This week on the top 10 strange phenomena of the human mind, we look into the main categorizations of Deja experiences and focus on Deja Visite, a rarer Deja condition that psychologists and medical researchers have not been able to understand so well. Déjà vu is more common, with most people having experienced it. Dr. Vernon Neppe, a researcher who ... Read More »

#6 Deja Vecu – 10 Strange Phenomena of the Human Mind

Deja Vu

The human mind has never ceased to be amazing. At, we aim to increase your understanding of the human mind, together with all its conditions – good or bad. Although the mental fields of psychiatry and psychology have advanced immensely over the last one century, mysteries still exist that science hasn’t been able to fully explain. Déjà vu is ... Read More »

#5 Deja Senti – 10 Strange Phenomena of the Human Mind

Deja Senti

The human brain is the only organ in the body that doesn’t have nerves despite the fact that it plays as the central station of the central nervous system. Simply put, this means that your brain doesn’t feel any pain. The human brain also takes up the lion’s share of energy generated in your body. To be rather specific, your ... Read More »

#4 Déjà Vu – 10 Strange Phenomena of the Human Mind

Déjà Vu Experience

In French, Déjà vu means ‘already seen’. It’s one of the top ten strange phenomena of the human mind. Although there are many other ‘deja’ conditions affecting the mind, Déjà vu is the most common, and almost all of us have experienced it multiple times. People who experience Déjà vu describe it as an intense feeling of familiarity for something ... Read More »

#3 Capgras Delusion – 10 Strange Phenomena of the Human Mind

Image from page 765 of

Capgras delusion is a strange phenomenon of the human mind where a person tends to believe that a spouse, family member, friend or colleague has been replaced by an identical-looking impostor. Just like Fregoli Delusion, Capgras delusion is classified as a delusional misidentification syndrome. It is one in a class of strange conditions that are related to misidentification of objects, ... Read More »

#2 Fregoli Delusion – 10 Strange Phenomena of the Human Mind

Everybody's One Face

In this second part of our 10 strange phenomena of the human mind series, we discuss Fregoli Delusion. This is a rare brain phenomenon in which the affected individual believes that different people are the same person, albeit in a variety of disguises. Can you imagine a situation where your mind believes that all your friends are the same person ... Read More »

#1 Prosopagnosia – 10 Strange Phenomena of the Human Mind

Pixabay Image 388876

The human mind is truly an incredible thing. Despite being studied by top scientists and researchers for decades, there’s still a lot of mystery surrounding it. Science has been able to isolate strange phenomena of the mind but hasn’t been able to explain their origins. While most of us are familiar with Déjà vu, there are at least 9 other ... Read More »

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