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Body Language: Introvert or Disinterest?

Yes, I'm an introvert. No, I don't hate people. Typography poster. Motivational Background

Body language is the main culprit when people sense what you’re up to. Body language plays a big role in nonverbal communication, where you leave things unsaid. It can usually be detected by your tone, pitch, facial expression and even the way you stand. These are all signs that people miss when they solely rely on voice during communication. Most ... Read More »

Body Language Can Speak Volumes in Business

Review of the business analytics

Being conscious of the body language you are expressing to whom you are speaking with or to a big crowd can make an impact in relation to the goal you have in mind. This means that you should not be careless with your posture, your facial expression as well as with your gesture when you are interacting with your business ... Read More »

Reading Body Language During Business Meetings

Business people discussing in a meeting

Being able to spot and interpret the meaning behind people’s body language can help you interact better with people especially when it comes to the workplace. The fact is that even if you are someone who just wants to finish his or her work without much concern in your environment, it is necessary for you to at least have a ... Read More »

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