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Affirmations That Can Change Your Life

Ehud Segev and Uri Geller
Dinner in Tel Aviv. Uri Geller and Ehud Segev

A couple of days ago my dear friend Uri Geller came to visit me in my restaurant ‘Cafe Nimrod‘ in Tel Aviv seaport. I performed with Uri in the TV series “The Successor” in Israel's leading TV channel (Channel 2), and also in the hit TV series “Phenomenon” that aired on NBC. Our connection is something truly out of the ordinary, as with anything that has to do with Mr. Geller.

But this encounter left me with phenomenal energies and a huge urge to share some affirmations with my readers, my followers and my fans. Now, Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have probably heard of “affirmations”.

Maybe you heard this term thrown around over coffee talk with your slightly kooky New Agey friend who is really into Veganism and yoga. Or perhaps you felt that “affirmations” are some kind of silly nonsense only people who read Self Help books use to stay afloat in otherwise fragile lives.

Well, as I was talking to Uri about our past work, and what happened since, we started talking about the heart of what affirmations really are and how they can supercharge your goals and desires. Uri said that in his experience Affirmations really work, that is, if you believe them. I said that affirmations are a guided path to whatever you want, and every time you read, listen, or speak your affirmation – the affirmation becomes a greater force within your life.

I first heard about the effectiveness of Affirmations from famed speaker Anthony Robbins and Louise Hay, both of whom are extremely successful at seemingly everything they do or touch. It is no coincidence that people who walk their talk are sharing this advice with their fans and students, as they know how valuable these tools are to living the life of your dreams.

We as people may not be fully conscious of things we tell ourselves everyday, but the thoughts and words we tell ourselves regularly are actually affirmations. We in a sense repeat affirmations to ourselves daily, the problem with that is rarely do we slow down and listen to what we are affirming and therefore creating in our lives.

Some (not all) of us go through our day with lots of unconscious negative affirmations, and they become self-fulfilling prophecies. I once had a roommate who was constantly affirming negative things to himself, and he was always surprised when what he had been negatively forecasting into his life actually happened.  For instance, at one time my roommate found himself Unemployed after getting laid off from his job. Everyday I would see him over the breakfast table and he would say to me ,“No one is hiring. I’ll never find a job in this job market.” And so he was unable to get a job. It wasn’t until I pointed out to him that he was sending out a negative expectation into the universe that his luck began to turn around for the better. He finally started getting called in for job interviews when he started affirming that it would happen!

Uri always told me that it is important to get clear about what we want to project out into the world using our mind, our words, and our thoughts. If you know Uri you'll know he always says that the Universe has a couple of rules it always follows and what you ask of it, what your put out, you will always get back. If you see the Universe as a friendly place, then it will indeed be friendly towards you and you will find people and events to support this belief, this affirmation. However if you see the world as a dangerous place (I know we all have phobic people we have met or know), the world will shape itself around you as dangerous by highlighting dangerous people and events in your life.

What we agreed on that evening over dinner was:

Be careful what you are affirming. Make sure it is what you want.

I understand that not everybody is like Uri, and some of us may have no idea where to begin with affirmations, so I decided to write this week's lesson in order to help you out. When you begin using affirmations to change your life, at first it may feel like a lie, particularly if what you are affirming is something very different from the current state. For instance, saying “I am going to earn a million dollars in the next year!” when you are flat broke can feel like a lie. The best way to begin using affirmations is to understand we attract things into our lives according to our expectations and beliefs. It works this way without exception – Every. Single. Time.

So begin with an expectation and affirmation that is realistic for you, because if what you are saying is “I am going to earn a million dollars in the next year!” but what you’re thinking to yourself is “That’s impossible!” or “Yeah right, I barely have 20 bucks in my account” then you will attract mixed results or more likely, the opposite of what you are affirming. What would be a more believable affirmation for you, and therefore a more effective and powerful one? How about this one, “I always have more than enough money to live well”. Sound more reasonable? Ok. Now hopefully you understand the importance of believing in your affirmations.


I am going to provide you with a gift, because I am sure you are wondering, “What are some good affirmations for me to use?”

In The Master Key System by Charles F. Haanel writes of an affirmation that is a “short cut” and includes everything any human being can want. It is very simple and only takes a moment to memorize: “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy.” You can also do your own twist on it like I do, “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, wealthy, healthy, successful,  and happy.” In short, put together a short and memorable Affirmation that includes all the things you want to see and have happen in your life.

Try saying it aloud, at least twice a day, perhaps when you first wake up or right before you go to sleep. Believe your affirmations, feel good about your affirmations, and watch them powerfully work in your life. You know it works for Uri and me, there's no reason it won't work for you!

Until next time, health, wealth, happiness, love and success to all of you!

Don't forget to be a part of our community and share your own thoughts and affirmations in the comments below!

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