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Body Language Secret: The Meaning Behind the Smile

Mentalizer_Banner_1Smile is a mysterious part of your everyday life. There are different types of smiles, and sometimes, it leaves you wondering what they really mean. A quick study of body language can clue you in on the type of smile that they're using.

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Here are some tips to know the meanings behind smiles:

Closed Smile

A smile where the lips are not opened. Instead, the lips are stretched out in a straight line across the face, concealing the lips. This could mean that the person smiling is withholding opinion or has a secret.

This smile is also known as a polite smile. This is also used when someone cannot shove someone off when they don't like their company.

Open Smile

The smile is spread wide on the face, with teeth showing and the jaw dropped. This smile is genuinely used to show happiness as well as to make others feel good.


A smirk is a smile that shows two different emotions. One side of the face could be smiling, but the other could show a bit of frowning. The smirk is usually used by someone joking or by someone who shows sarcasm.

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Shy Smile

A shy smile is a variation of the closed smile. The head is turned downwards, as well as facing away from the speaker. While this is happening, one is showing a closed smile. This shows body language that is innocent, secretive, flirty, or even playful. 

Compulsive Smiles

Some people just like to smile. These smiles primarily feature big grins whatever the situation is. This body language, however, is associated with being suspicious, because they might know something you don't, or because they might just be faking their smiles. The fakers many times want to appear to be good, smiling people when they are really having a very low self esteem. This should not be confused with people whole really just love to smile.

Teeth-rich Smiles

Another type of smiling is teeth-rich smiling. While this may be similar to compulsive smiles, this smile is its own different being. People with teeth-rich smiles aren't always smiling. But when they do, their mouths open wide to flash their pearly whites. This smile makes them seem approachable and friendlier.

Forced Smile

A forced smile is when your mouth is smiling, but your eyes show otherwise. This body language shows insincerity or frustration. It can be identified when there is no discernable difference in your eyes, when you're smiling or not. This smile usually happens when you're uncomfortable or trying to blend in to a cause you're not fond of.

The Genuine Smile

A genuine smile, also called a Duchenne smile, is a smile that's given away by the body language. A genuine smile is when the corners of your mouth and eyes both crinkle up.

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