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Wall Street Journal interviews Mentalist Ehud Segev

  NY HEARD & SCENE JUNE 27, 2011 Mind Meld With a Mentalist Maybe the series “The Mentalist,” on CBS, has made the profession more popular in the States, or maybe it's simply a coincidence, but we've seen quite a few mentalists out and about lately. View Full Image Robert Kim Ehud Segev's spoon bending put him on the map. …

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Ehud Segev – Amazing Mentalist (Times Square Chronicles)

Ehud Segev has brought his extraordinary show to New York for two nights( June 27 and June 29th). Segev is considered a Mentalist as opposed to a magician. He used mind control, thoughts transmission and telepathy to entertain. Segev interacted with his audience by having them make choices with unimaginable outcome. For example, a woman was called up to the stage and asked …

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Ehud Segev on East Village Radio

  Listen to Mentalist, Ehud Segev, on Andrew Andrew Sound Sound   Our boys, Andrew Andrew Sound Sound, sure have a full plate of funkiness ready for you at 4pm ET today. First, our most immaculately dressed presenters welcome world-renowned mentalist Ehud Segev to do, well, something. Then, the Andrews will be joined by performance artists John Moran and Saori Tsukada, who …

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Spotlight on Ehud Segev (Richard Thinks)

WEDNESDAY, 22 JUNE 2011 Spotlight on Ehud Segev World renowned mentalist Ehud Segev, aka The Mentalizer, rose to fame on NBC’s The Phenomenon, judged by Uri Gellar and Criss Angel. Ehud will be completing his world tour with two performances in New York City, on 27 and 29 June, of his extraordinary show, also titled The Mentalizer. Born and raised in the …

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The Mentalist Anomal Review

Reviewed By: Adam Klasfeld · New York Skeptics who attend the Mentalist Ehud Segev's Anomal may wonder if the volunteers chosen by the performer to participate in the show are actually paid assistants; but I can personally testify that this isn't the case, because Segev called me onstage for his grand finale. After successfully guessing the recent travel plans of several audience …

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The Mentalist Anomal – Theatre Review

Theatre Review by Matthew Murray I stared at the spoon I'd been handed. Its neck had been twisted 180 degrees, allowing me to simultaneously see the inside of the bowl and the back of the handle. Many people sitting in a theater, watching the twisting process from a safe distance, would likely be excited or highly skeptical about what happened. …

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Mentalist Anomal lives up to the title

It appears that the renowned physic entertainer and mentalist Ehud Segev, better known as The Mentalizer, is amazing audiences yet again with his latest performance Anomal.

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The Mentalist Mentalizer Mesmerizes

WEDNESDAY NIGHT at the F-bar. Patrons are amused to find that the spoons are bent and there's actually a mentalist guy in the pub bending them. Looks like a scene from The Matrix where a little girl bends a spoon and then tells Keanu Reeves that the spoon itself is an illusion. But in this case, the spoons are for …

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The mentalist power of the sixth sense

DECCAN HERALD It was an exciting evening at F Bar where Mentalist Ehud Segev from Israel floored the guests with his psychokinetic powers… Mentalist Ehud Segev grew up influenced by spiritual and physical laws in safed, a town in Israel, with rabbais and scholars teaching Kabbalah – a body of mystical teachings of rabbinical origin, often based on an esoteric …

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The Mentalist Mystic Mission

At 12 he borrowed a complete shelf of books on mysticism and spiritualism from the library. At 13, everybody recognized him, but no one knew his real name. When he was 19, he predicted the results of the elections for the mayor's post in Israel and proved right. Mentalist Ehud Segev, popularly known as “The Mentalizer” in Israel displayed his …

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