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How Does Your Mood Affect an Entire Crowd?

Your mood is a powerful tool when engaging with crowds of people. When you speak in front of a crowd in an excited voice, they will feel excited and anticipate your next sentence.

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Similarly, when you speak in a happy tone or walk in a skipping manner, the people around you will also feel a little boost. However, when your body language displays weakness or sadness, you also affect the crowd.

When other people watch your body language, they subconsciously react, along with their emotions. This is because emotions are contagious. We usually feel what the person beside us is feeling based on the body language that they show.


While your mood being contagious may sound like a bad thing, it doesn't have to be. When you're affected by another person's happiness or excitement, it definitely is a good feeling. You can pick up positive feelings and experiences from your friends by watching their body language. When you talk to happy people, you will also feel happier.

For instance, concerts bring a very liberating feeling. When a crowd is shouting and waving their arms high up, it is a very refreshing experience. During a sports game, people subconsciously shout and cheer on as their teams duke it out. These kinds of body language can be picked up by others and could lead to positive experiences.

In short, surrounding yourself with positive people and a positive environment can work wonders on your mood, motivation, and output as well.


The same thing can be said for negative experiences. Your body language or others' can affect your enjoyment. It could even cause stress or problems in your life. Your mood can also affect an entire crowd.

Knowing these pros and cons, here are some tips to harness the best of body language:

  • Open your arms – When you open your arms, you will feel better, making you breathe properly as well. This will cause you to be relaxed.
  • Smile – Showing the audience that you're confident and having fun can make them feel comfortable and welcome.
  • Eye contact – Looking at your audience in the eye one at a time is a surefire way to engage with them, making them feel special.
  • Walk to people – Getting in close to people by walking to them engages them and motivates them to participate and listen more intently. It also builds rapport while you talk.


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