Friday , 24 May 2024
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Mentalist’s Affair With Credit Cards

The mentalist Ehud proves his skills on NBC Phenomenon hosted by Chris Angel and Uri Geller. Ehud was chosen to perform the opening act of the series Phenomenon. Ehud has been a master at energy play since he was a child and now he uses it as a purpose for his mentalist entertainment, stress release and also to spread a message of connection.

The Artistic Element

The element of an artist blended with a humorist producing a surprising element of mysticism is how we can describe Ehud. The energy that floats around his body seems to control everything around him. Ross very happily hands his credit card over to Segev and mischievously thanks him for the donation as a gesture of childlike humour. A, spontaneity well acknowledged, which pours out endlessly from the great entertainer.

Ehud starts quickly with saying, “I am trying to create this wave of energy right about here”, and he does by releasing the card like a Frisbee and the sooner he does that it starts to move in the air to his left and suddenly rebounds like a boomerang and moves again up toward his right which he catches soon and says, he could do much better than that, and he does….indeed! He takes the card again and swivels it around his body a couple of times. He continues to mesmerize the audience by folding his hands across his chest and the object still continues to move swiftly between the gaps of his hands to which the second guest of the night Carmen Electra shows an astounding reaction. Ehud just proved, he loves revolving credits of people….endlessly, and….his affair with cards continues!

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