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How to Improve your Senses

SensesYour senses are a very vital part of your being since they allow you to experience the world. They essentially capture information and send it to your brain for processing.

So what if you could do something to sharpen these senses? Could that enhance the intensity with which you consume your environment and enhance your life experiences? Definitely yes!

For most people, senses start to dull as they age. The good news though is that you can use some easy strategies to heighten all your five senses and get the most out of daily life! How awesome could that just be?

A.     Smell

The sense of smell significantly deteriorates with age. By the time you’re 65 years old, your sense of smell will have reduced by half. But you can dodge this turn of events by taking deep whiffs at specific, enjoyable smells on an everyday basis. So the next time your partner applies that perfume, try to pay attention to the smell. Another great technique that can help you enhance your sense of smell is to speak and smell. Ideally, it works this way – putting words to a scent is actually a great way to boost your smell capabilities. You can try practicing this with edible stuff around the house. So if the sauce being made in the kitchen has a garlicky, sweet aroma, you want to verbally point it out exactly that way.

B.      Sight

If you work long periods of time behind a computer screen or drive your car for a significant distance daily, this can lead to dry eyes and blurry vision. The good news though is that your body is equipped with an advanced supply of rehydrating fluids. Consider taking ‘blinking breaks’ throughout your day. Just like your windshield wipers clear away surface dirt, blinking encourages tear production and keeps your eyes good. Train yourself to blink each time you click on your mouse, or conduct a similar frequent action. Fortifying your eyes with B vitamins is also another great way to strengthen your sense of sight. These vitamins are found in seeds, nuts, etc.

C.      Hearing

Did you guess it right? Music. Soft melodies can soothe frayed nerves. The rule of the thumb is to maintain a sane volume and regularly listen to the same instrument. This helps your sense-system pick out more everyday sounds. It’s like a form of resistance exercise whereby you’re training a weak body part.

D.     Taste

There are thousands of taste buds in your tongue, which are constantly being destroyed by bitter, sour, sweet and salty foods. So you want to keep away from these flavors for a little while. Scientific research conducted on how to improve the sense of smell reveals that when you don’t eat a flavor for a while, taste receptors for this flavor are supercharged.

E.      Touch

Touch is an important sense that also has a lot of significance in body language. So how do you get to boost this important sense? By placing material between the skin and whatever you’re gripping. This way, your skin’s receptors try to work a little bit harder to feel through the barrier, which in turn rejuvenates your senses of smell. So when you take off your gloves after the activity, you’ll have a major boost in touch sensitively. Whether you’re playing tennis or just trying out a recipe in the kitchen, try wearing the appropriate gloves every once in a while. Other ways to boost touch include getting regular hot-stone massage, swimming in very cold water, and having more sex!

Improving your senses is an often ignored, but yet a very instrumental approach that increases your potential for enjoying life. So go right ahead and try these easy, everyday techniques to supercharge your sensory system!

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