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New York City premiere Mentalist, Mind Reader and Magician – Ehud Segev

A true phenomena in NYC, the Mentalist Ehud Segev received his stage name “The Mentalizer” after the media started calling him the Mental Analyzer. He was a different kind of Magician since he introduced the beauty of “real magic” and “mind analysis” into his magic show.

The Mentalizer got his fame after the hit tv show “The Mentalist” premiered and people all over the country wanted to learn the secrets of Mentalism and the power of the mind.

Segev created the first and only program that teaches people how to be a mentalist and he published two books that became bestsellers within days! “The Mentalist 9 Steps to Influence” and “Secrets of the Voice“.

New York City's foremost mentalist and magician - Ehud Segev the Mentalizer. Call now for information (866) ReadMyMind (866-732-3696)
New York City's foremost mentalist and magician – Ehud Segev the Mentalizer. Call now for information (866) ReadMyMind (866-732-3696)

After he featured his Mentalism show on countless stages on and off-Broadway, his one man Mentalist show became the talk of the day in NY and thousands of New Yorkers who were looking for an entertainer who could really captivate them got tickets to his critically acclaimed shows in Times Square and around town. People would buy tickets to his special mentalism magic show and the performances were sold out almost every time!

Right after his successful magic Broadway show that was called “ANOMAL”, he went on a world tour and performed as a top notch corporate entertainer all over the globe on stages and TV shows in Canada, South America, Europe and Asia.
Due to a great demand for one of a kind form of entertainment in corporate events and special occasions, Segev – New York most sought after Mentalist – started performing in exclusive parties that were produced by the city's top party planners.

No wonder he is considered NYC party planner's most kept secret weapon! If a New Yorker wants to turn his or her event into an unforgettable one they hire a Mentalist – but not any Mentalist – the one and only: Ehud Segev The Mentalizer!

Booking a Mentalist for corporate events
Booking a Mentalist for corporate events became one of the hottest trends of the past year and it is indeed a buzz generator that leaves the guests of each corporate party in awe!

Today people contact the Mentalizer office directly when they wish to get booking information on hiring a magician or mentalist to their event.
Since Segev is so busy these days, working on his new off broadway Mentalist magic show, he helps party planners and corporate event producers to find premiere magicians and mentalists in New York City and surrounding areas such as New Jersey, Connecticut and even far away places like Las Vegas or even abroad.

The connections Segev has created based on his extensive experience in the show business industry helps him connect the right corporate entertainer to anyone who wants to hire magicians or mentalists who provide phenomenal world class entertainment.

So if you're planning an event, or if you are a party planner who is looking for a New York based Magician or Mentalist your search is over. You can call one number and we will take care of the rest.

Yes, one phone number will get you to nyc's top entertainer who understands everything about the magic and mentalism world and will “hook you up” with the right performer for your event. And who knows, maybe you're lucky enough to catch one of the very few dates Segev is still available to perform his mesmerizing magic Mentalism show HIMSELF!

Call Toll Free (866) ReadMyMind (866-732-3696)


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