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Something phenomenal is happening in Mumbai, India on the 22nd. I will be teaching the super special workshop “Secret to Master your Mind” with critically acclaimed director Prahlad Kakar at the Leela Palace. This is a unique workshop that I built with Mr. Kakar especially for India. What a spiritual country, with such a wonderful potential for new born Mentalizers! (for more information about this workshop email Aarti by clicking here).

As I was working on this unique workshop, and building my presentations, I remembered how several years ago a film called “The Secret” came out, perhaps many of you do as well. It was on Oprah, it was  all over the internet, it was most likely on a friend’s coffee table – if not your own.  My roommate back then, Anita, told me: “Ehud – someone took your way of life and made a book out of it!” and when I checked it out, I was thrilled! You know those moments in life when you see something and you're upset you're not the one who came up with it sooner??? That's what I felt! It's as if someone was watching my day-to-day actions and made a book out of it!

Well, whether I wanted it or not, “The Secret”  instantly became a best selling DVD, Audiobook, and actual book.  I for one had a copy of all 3 but didn’t hold onto any of my copies as I was so bowled over that I was constantly paying it forward, by passing it along to people I felt could benefit from this concept. Years later I still run into friends and acquaintances who wholeheartedly thank me and express gratitude for the amazing changes they were able to create in their lives by following the lessons contained within “The Secret”.

The basic concept behind this worldwide phenomenon was the “law of attraction”. What is “the law of attraction” you might be asking?

Well the common definition of it is a belief that you attract into your life whatever you focus on.  Whatever your pervasive thoughts, they will find a way to manifest in your life, whether they are positive or negative. The reason it is called a law is because it is believed to be a “law of the universe” –just like gravity. Perhaps we cannot see it, but we know it is there.  If we jump of a forty-six floor building, we are going to go splat on the ground. That is the law of gravity. The law of attraction is the same, it is simply harder to quantify.

As I teach in my workshop, your mind is a very powerful tool. It is capable of actually creating things and I am going to show you how you can use your mind to your advantage to create the things you want in your life. Sound too good to be true? Well, for once, it actually isn’t.

Have you ever noticed when you are in a good mood, (which I define as being in a state where you are feeling happy and positive and like you can do just about anything) that good things just start “happening” to you? It seems almost effortless. Perhaps an attractive stranger on the street approaches you and suddenly asks you out on a fabulous date , or you run into an old friend who is looking for precisely the service you offer, or all of a sudden money practically falls into your lap. I'm sure you know EXACTLY what I am talking about!


Have you ever noticed when you are in a bad mood and brooding over something awful that bad things just keep happening to you? You begin to feel as though the universe has personally orchestrated a hellish obstacle course for you that gets worse and worse.

This is because happiness and joy and abundance are our natural states of being. When we are happy and feeling abundant in our lives we are in a state of powerful co-creation with the universe. We can literally harness this power and bring about incredible things into our lives.


Finding love with the law of attraction!

An exercise I often recommend to my students or the people who come to my workshop who are struggling with finding love and relationships is this – I ask them to get into a very positive state of mind where they believe anything is possible. I ask them, if only for ten minutes, to drop the cynicism, the bitterness, the closed off contractedness that they are feeling about their ability to find real, sustainable love and instead allow themselves to actually feel what it would be like if they found it!  What would it look like? What would it feel like? What would their partner be like? How would they talk to them and treat them? How happy and incredible would they be if they possessed that phenomenal all important love they are seeking? Once they are feeling all juiced up and very, very, very clear and specific about that picture and those physical sensations I ask them to sit down with a piece of loose leaf and just write –without censoring themselves- for five minutes all the qualities their dream partner has and write it in the present tense.  Something like this:

“My girlfriend loves to take good care of me, she loves to cook delicious meals for me every weekend.”

The more specific you can be, the better. Create a vivid image in your mind!

As author and theorist William Walker Atkinson once said “A mental image gives you a framework upon which to work. It is like the drawing of the architect, or the map of the explorer. Think over this for a few moments until you get the idea firmly fixed in your mind.”

Now, after they create this list, I ask them to re-read it every day first thing when they wake up and get themselves in the state as if they already have what they are looking for.  Visualize it! Everyone uses visualization whether they are aware of it or not, but visualization has long been a secret tool of the most successful people on the planet.

The key is to visualize what you want, not what you  don’t want.

Get really juiced up and excited about your goal, and to really feel what it would be like if you had it!

Be careful, this exercise is very, VERY , VERY Powerful! It can be used for anything you are looking to manifest or attract into your life. Whether it be money, or work, or love, or a fabulous beach house in Malibu!


Fake it till you make it

I cannot tell you how many people this exercise has helped create real amazing results in their life! It’s simply astounding. I think it goes back to this one line that I keep telling ALL my students again and again and again: FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT.

Most people have a real desire to have things in their life that they know would make them excited to get out of bed in the morning, but precious few of us know how to actually get what we want.   Some people turn their life into a work of art, while others create a life of dread and misery. We must remember that we can't always be happy and attract all these ‘goodies' into our life. Well, that's when we have to play pretend… as if we already have EVERYTHING we ever dreamed of! When we believe our dream, even if we have to ‘fake' it sometimes, the universe accepts the fact that we are 100% there and sends it to us! Yes he does!

I once had a friend named Josh who had a rough childhood because his parents divorced and thus his pervasive thought on relationships was that “people will always disappoint you”. Sure enough Josh always attracted into his life women who disappointed him,  cheated on him and used him, and he kept creating this same scenario until one day he came to me and asked for help. I told him exactly what I am telling you here!

Josh began to change his thoughts from “people will always disappoint you” to“people are amazing and always support me”. It didn’t take long for Josh to start attracting really wonderful and supportive relationships and people into his life!

One of my other favorite quotes from William Walker Atkinson illustrates this very idea:

“The mind has been likened to a piece of paper that has been folded. Ever afterwards it has a tendency to fold in the same crease–unless we make a new crease or fold, when it will follow the last lines.”

It's definitely a hard pill to swallow for many of us, but if we can start to open ourselves up to this law of the universe, the ramifications are indeed amazing! What it means is that by changing our thoughts, by focusing on something different and whatever a thought has done in your life, it can be undone by putting something new there.

It is important to acknowledge and understand that the creation process is an ongoing one. It exists no matter what. We all have thoughts and ways of thinking that are comfortable and familiar to us, and whether these thoughts are positive or negative, we are actively involved in the creation process. Something is going to manifest out of your thought process, so you need to use your mind as a tool to benefit you rather than a tool that is going to be destructive to you.


The strength of positivity!

So what can you do if you are struggling and feeling overwhelmed by negative thoughts? A lot of people come to me worried that they are somehow cancelling out their positive thoughts with all the negative thoughts that are ricocheting through their mind. But what I tell them is simple – it is actually scientifically proven that one positive affirmative thought is thousands of times more powerful than the negative ones.

One of the quickest ways to change your thoughts and thus what you are creating is to start thinking of all the things you are grateful for. Speak them aloud. Maybe you feel like there isn’t much in your life to be grateful for, but I assure you there is a lot.  Start simple:

“I am grateful for a roof over my head.”
“I am grateful for parents who have always loved and supported me.”
“I am thankful I had a delicious, healthy breakfast today.”
“I am grateful I am young and have my life ahead of me.”

And so on. I play this game almost every day – you’d be shocked how many things you actually have to be insanely grateful for!

Almost all of us want things which we don’t already have, but few of us really know how to get what we want. Many of us have habits which build our lives up and move us towards what we want, while having other habits which tear our lives down and move us away from our desires. Make sure you are selecting your thoughts consciously and using this powerful tool of manifesting and the law of attraction to get what you want out of life!

Now take another step and share with ALL of us by commenting below with one grateful thought you have right this moment!

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