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6 Incredible Benefits of Good Posture

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Did you know that the way you sit, stand and walk has profound implications on your mood and happiness? Various studies have pointed out that good posture has many more benefits than just reducing back pain and building your core muscles. It increases your clarity of mind and betters your mood. In this post, we point out 6 incredible benefits of good posture.

1.     Prevents constipation and improves digestion

When you slouch over, your intestines fold and cramp. This may lead to a wide array of issues, one of which is poor digestion that disrupts proper intake of nutrients and increases your chances of constipating. There’s significant evidence that slouching also increases your chances of getting a heartburn. By teaching yourself to maintain a good posture, you are actually doing good for your digestive system.

2.     Reduces circulation

Your body needs fluids to keep operating in optimal condition. When you slouch over, you impair circulation of fluids and gases in your body, which may lead to tension headaches. Neck strain as a result of bad posture could also lead to high blood pressure. By maintaining a good posture, you make it easier for your body to operate optimally.

3.     Improves memory

Although there’s still a lot of research work to carry out in this regard, there’s some evidence that sitting up straight may improve your memory. A team of researchers recently concluded that good posture boosts the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain by up to 40%, thus making sure that your brain is nourished for optimal performance.

4.     Increases energy

Psychologists have for a long time emphasized that power poses do impact how we see ourselves. Slouched, narrow positions make you appear less confident, less powerful and less assertive. On the other hand, power poses do project higher confidence, which increases your energy and can help reduce stress and anxiety.

5.     Improved muscle health

Maintaining a good posture allows your ligaments and muscles to work as they were designed to. This keeps them healthy. Over the long term, proper alignment (through good posture) can help avert your risk of suffering from muscle aches or muscle fatigue.

6.     Reduced risk of injury

Maintaining good posture lowers your risk of injury. If you stand and bend as you should (with good posture), there’s a lower chance that you strain your neck or back muscles. Doctors already emphasize that poor posture can lead to problems with the spinal disk. That’s why it’s utterly important to maintain good alignment even when conducting simple and small tasks.

Do you acknowledge that you have a bad posture? It’s time to start working on improving how you sit, stand, and even walk. You’ll miss out on all these awesome benefits if you continue with your bad posture. All you have to do is make a conscious effort and watch your posture whenever you’re sitting at home, or working at the office. This article offers some incredible tips on how to maintain a good posture.

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