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Breaking a world record and preparing for February

It's been a few weeks since my last blog post. Yes, I have been busy. In a way, all my New Years resolution came to life and I began my 2014 journey on a miraculous and crazy-positive path. Phenomenal things have happened to me in January and I was too busy to write or post a new blog. Some of you even didn't get a new lesson lately and it's because of my tight schedule. Yes, it's me – it's not you 🙂

I want to thank my fans in India for showing me that India is like a second home for me, and in less than a month I've been flying to India not less then 3 consecutive times! Here's a great picture from my latest performance in Varanasi to a beautiful audience of over 5,000 people:

Ehud Segev the Mentalizer in Kahiyatra Varanasi India

In this event we tried to break a world record by shooting my performance from over 1,000 different angles! You can all see the VIDEO and the different angles and Facebook post by clicking here.

Yes, I am making it happen big times, and my second published book SECRETS OF THE VOICE is STILL a number 1 bestseller on Amazon, thanks to all of you! If you didn't get my books yet – grab them while they are still hot here!

And today, February 4th, I'm getting ready for another mindboggling month of 2014; it is the second month of a brand “new” year. But wait a second, “The excitement is gone” I hear you say? The buzz has worn off? Weeks and weeks of well wishes had rung through the air! Good tidings to all!! Merry this, Happy that. Peace and joy to you!!! Health, wealth, luck and love!!! And now, well now it’s suddenly so very very quiet isn’t it? No hurried shopping to do, the guests have gone, the holiday cookies mere crumbs at the bottom of the bin- just like your New Year’s resolutions!!

What happened to a fresh start?? Your chance to write a new book! Weren’t you going to fill each page with awe, mystery, excitement and wonder? What happened? The holiday magic disappeared like fairy dust? It’s harder than you thought? There are too many obstacles? You have no money, don’t have the right connections, no education, you’re lazy, afraid, you have no will power, my parents did this, my teacher did that, that horrible thing happened, are you thinking you CAN’T DO IT ALONE?

Did you come here thinking that I might have the recipe for a fulfilling life?

I’m going to tell you something. There is no set recipe for a fulfilling life. The ingredients you seek change all the time.

So instead of starting on your new Santa’s List of wants, for instant life changing miracles, please don’t. Hold on to that list for yourself. Fulfilling it is up to you! You are the chef of your own life creation. YOU decide, and in the end, it is YOU who determines the final product. YOU yes YOU will dictate whether your creation sits proudly in the display window, or hidden behind the sugar… all the way on the back shelf.

So how do you make this glorious creation, this life of miracles?

What if I told you, it’s not just the ingredients, but what you put into the mixing bowl? You see many of us can get the same ingredients, but you know what is different? How you mix them and just how much you put into the bowl. And what is the mixing bowl? YOUR MIND. Your one of a kind mind. I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Each one of you, each one of you is… a creative GENIUS!

That little voice inside of you may be screaming right now! I don’t have genius, my test scores are bad, my IQ tests are low! my grades were poor, I have this or that disability… But ignore all that; your little voice is wrong, because you do. All of you my friends yes ALL of you – have genius!

Here's a famous saying:

Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.

So disregard what you’ve heard, push aside what’s been said, or written, ignore the numbers assigned, throw away every extraneous thing that was supposed to “define” you.

But, if you retain just one thing that anyone has ever told you, remember this; EVERY season is a season of new beginnings, every day is ripe for your own rebirth. So today, yes today(!) in this season of new beginnings, I want you to do this – BELIEVE. Believe in the magic that is – yourself. Believe that you can conjure a glorious, awe inspiring, one of a kind life creation!

Look for guidance, read, explore, discover, and then put all that knowledge toward the most important object you will ever possess: your own mind! This year, if you keep only one resolution, make it this; resolve to go on a journey… to find yourself; to uncover your true value, to discover what makes YOU uniquely you, to reveal what you love, and in what you excel. In other words, this year, truly make every day brand new; and promise, PROMISE to find your genius.

Happy Magical February Everybody!! And Happy Trails!!!!

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