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The Mentalist Ehud Segev on TV

Ehud in Slovakia: TV MARKÍZA

TV MARKÍZA morning show interview Mentalist Ehud Segev reads the mind of host Lenka as she goes crazy! She can't believe that Segev is entering her deepest thoughts and reading her mind. Behind the scenes:

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NY1 Spots The Mentalist Ehud Segev

NY1 Spots Ehud The success of Anomal, has gained accolades, and brought recognition to the mentalist Ehud as an artist, entertainer and finally the newly found word by the magician, “The Mentalizer”. Anomal is a series of performance involving demonstration of power of control over energies to reveal the infinite possibilities of the human mind, combined with a wonderful theatrical …

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The Mentalist Ehud On The Prowl With Cat Greenleaf

Ehud’s On the Prowl The Mentalizer, Mr. Ehud Segev the mentalist was recently interviewed by none other than Cat Greenleaf. Cat has been working as a reporter for WNBC, and also hosts programs with “The Travel Channel”. “On the Prowl”, which is one of Cat’s well-known shows, has Ehud under the glare of lens, with lots of questions being shot …

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Mentalist Ehud Segev Performs With Montel Williams And Sylvia Browne

The mentalist Ehud Segev, The Mentalizer, has won many hearts around the world with his mind blowing performances, and wonderful display of energy. Will he keep continuing with his skills of mysticism? What is it that inspired him to become a mentalizer and how did he realize he had these skills? He answers all these questions soon after Montel Williams …

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Mentalist’s Affair With Credit Cards

The mentalist Ehud proves his skills on NBC Phenomenon hosted by Chris Angel and Uri Geller. Ehud was chosen to perform the opening act of the series Phenomenon. Ehud has been a master at energy play since he was a child and now he uses it as a purpose for his mentalist entertainment, stress release and also to spread a …

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The Mentalist Roots of Phenomenon

The Mentalist Ehud Segev may not be one of the seven great wonders of the world, but Ehud Segev does make you wonder what he is up to as he begins to unfold his sleeve and reveal the different layers hidden behind the mask that he wears. Ehud started performing on the original version of Phenomenon on Israeli television before …

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Mentalist Segev Performs “Phenomenon” Opening Act

Words can't stop describing the great entertainer, but Ehud cannot fall short of creativity. He just manages to win accolades for his work, admiration for his character and dignity. He plays his pipe bewildering everybody with his musical wizardry. Is he the Pied Piper of Hamilton, or is he the Wizard of Oz, or is he a character taken right …

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Old Trailers and More!

Thank you for surfing to our mentalism MEDIA page of the mentalist Ehud Segev. Here is one of Ehud Segev's old trailers: Ehud Segev has performed in numerous TV shows and on theater stages all over the world. We have collected some of his mentalism acts and posted them here for you to enjoy. Please click one of the following …

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