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How to be a mentalist

The Mentalizer Course: HOW TO BE A MENTALIST

By Ehud Segev The Mentalizer



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Introduction | What is a mentalist?

This is the introduction to the famous full program “How to be a Mentalist” that has transformed the lives of over 10,000 people world wide and turned them into real life mentalists. This superb annual program is the only full course in the world that offers the studies of Mentalism in a simple weekly lesson with videos, tutorials, exercises and more.

You are about to learn the most fascinating facts and lessons about the amazing art of Mentalism. But before we can even start answering the question “How to be a mentalist”, there are some clarifications that need to be made: What IS a mentalist? This is important because many people are unsure about what a mentalist is or does. Basically, mentalists are people like me who have highly developed mental abilities. Some of you may call it intuitive abilities, but for me intuition is knowledge. I will later explain about intuition – the way I see it – and the reason for having to acknowledge it in a different way than others when the term is used. For now, let’s just accept the idea that intuition equals knowledge.

What is a Mentalist
Mentalist Ehud Segev (a.k.a “The Mentalizer”)

Mentalists have knowledge (though not necessarily an academic degree) of human psychology and behavior, as well as sharp powers of observation and deduction. Experienced mentalists know how to use their brainpower to better “read” and analyze human nature, body language and facial expressions. In many ways a great mentalist is not much different than a great detective. This is why the concept has been seized upon by Hollywood and has become the focal point of some of the greatest hits on television today – shows like “The Mentalist”, “Lie to Me”, “Psych”, and most recently ‘Elementary', a modern day version of the infamous and probably most famous mystery solver, Sherlock Holmes.

What about extrasensory perception – commonly known as “ESP” or the “sixth sense?” It is also useful, because it allows us to perceive things beyond the obvious physical world. This may sound like “hocus – pocus,” but if you think about it, physical manifestations – something that can be seen, heard, touched, smelled, or tasted – are not the only reality we have (though it’s the only reality we see).

For example, feelings and emotions are not tangible, but they are real. The same can be said about the mind – its energy is not palpable, but it is real. What about consciousness? Nobody has ever seen or touched it, but we all know it exists. The late John Lennon of the Beatles described it really well when he said, “Reality leaves a lot to the imagination.”

With a limited mindset you can only understand what you see. But lessons in extrasensory perception are all around you – you just have to open yourself up and embrace them.

Many people have some elements of extrasensory perception without even knowing it. Perhaps as you work to develop your brainpower and mental abilities, you will also boost your awareness and intuition, and hone your ESP skills at the same time. If not, don’t worry about it – you can still discover and enjoy mentalism. Even if you don’t end up with amazing psychic abilities, your goal should be to learn something new and have fun in the process.

All this ESP talk may make you wonder whether mentalists also have psychic abilities, can predict the future and/or communicate with the dead. I realize that there is a great market today, for people who claim to be “mediums” or clairvoyants. This is an extensive topic that I won’t go into depth, here, but I will say that I, myself, don’t believe that anyone can actually talk to dead people; this, as I said, is MY belief. I reached this opinion through years of experimentation and experience. There is a very funny line used by mentalists, who joke “Of course I talk to the dead! Problem is they never talk back!”

But you don’t have to have all of these skills – or even believe in them – in order to obtain the “powers” of a mentalist. I, for one, believe in communicating with the universe, which holds the answers to many of life’s mysteries.

Yes, you read correctly, I believe that we CAN communicate with the universe and in many situations this is much better than talking to the dead. Through my program you’ll acquire the knowledge and skills that will enable you to forge this awesome connection.

Now, before your imagination starts running wild and conjures up images of me having a conversation with planets and stars, let me clarify what it means to a mentalist to “communicate” or be “in tune with” the universe. In this context, “universe” is a limitless source of energy, in which all living things are connected by a powerful “universal consciousness”.

The energy that constantly envelops us, emits subtle vibrations that a mentalist can tap into and “read”. Imagine how amazing and gratifying it would be to unlock the mysteries of the universe with the power of your mind! and, obtain the abilities to control these expansive universal energies, as if by magic!

In the first lesson of the full program (yes, this was only the introduction) we will learn a little bit more about this ‘hidden knowledge' and why mastering Mentalism can sometimes be perceived almost as actually being able to perform ‘real' magic!

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