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Tricks To Appear More Confident

If you are one of those individuals who have trouble being confident or at least appearing confident then you may want to apply some of these tricks as you interact with different people.

  • Speak Slowly: You do not have to talk in a sloth-like pace but remember that people who talk too fast are often perceived as people who are nervous or who lack confidence. One way for people to see you as someone who is confident is by talking in a regular pace. Try making a video recording or a voice recording as you read an excerpt from a book or any reading material then listen to it. Do you think you were talking fast? Were you stuttering?opinion
  • Pause: Remember that when you are speaking with people, you are not required to talk 100% of the time. You are free to pause for as long as you like to gather your thoughts or to catch your breath. Not pausing at all is often interpreted as lacking in confidence because it shows that you just want to finish your speech and get out of the scenario. Pausing to gather your thoughts gives your audience the feeling that you are really taking your time in thinking of what your message to your audience is and signifies that you value their time in listening to you.
  • Lower your Tone of Voice: People speaking in a high-pitched tone tend to give the impression that they are nervous. If you are going to observe some of the greatest speakers out there in the business industry, you will notice that not only do they have a proper pacing when they are expressing themselves but their tone of voice is lowered. You can achieve this the same way with perfecting your pace of speech. Recording and listening to your own voice or having some of your closest and trusted friends listen to you speak is a good start.

Appearing confident does not necessarily require you to have a high degree. You just have to practice and learn how to manipulate the different aspects of your body language and the way you express yourself.

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