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6 Things Mentalists Do Very Well

Ehud Segev - MentalistMentalism is an art of the mind that revolves around such abilities as clairvoyance, telepathy, mind reading and control. True mentalism is very different from magic. Given the right focus and effort, nearly everybody can be a mentalist! Truly.

The secret to the special abilities of mentalism is hidden deep in your psychology. By learning various mentalism tricks that will help you dig deep into your psyche, you can indeed master this unbelievable ability! Of course, it takes time, but it’s certainly doable. Below are 6 things that all mentalists do very well.

1.      Decode Body Language

Body Language?

Body language, aka nonverbal communication, is practically one of the most important things when it comes to learning mentalism. If you are able to decode other people’s body language, you’re one very big step ahead towards mastering mentalism. The ability to interpret body language gives you ‘powers’ to automatically tell whether others around you are happy, angry, sad, etc. This is very important. Mentalists are also able to follow and master their own body language.


2.      Presentation

Body Language RelationMentalism is, to an extent, a performance-related art. Mentalists know how to present themselves. If you want to be a true mentalist, you should perfect your presentation so that others will find it super easy to believe what you’re saying.

3.      Misdirecting

Mentalism lets you do the things magic can accomplish, only that this time you’re tapping into the hidden energies deep in your psychology. Mentalists are experts at misdirecting, which means controlling other’s attention. You ought to be able to capture your audience’s attention and control which direction it’s going.

4.      Mind Reading

Illustrative image of sub conscious level
Illustrative image of sub conscious level

This is one of the most popular superpowers related to mentalism. Indeed, mentalists are known the world over because they are capable of reading minds. This skill is all about being able to say things about people just by looking at them. It is possible when body language comes i

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