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7 Everyday Body Language Tweaks for More Confidence

Exhale DoubtConfidence is knowing your value, and acting in a way that conveys that to others. There’s no understating the importance of confidence in your everyday life.

Confident people are more successful in dating, at the workplace, and in life in general. Confidence makes people attractive and trustable. Being confident helps you get what you want!

People read your body language without thinking, often through instinct. That’s because your postures and poses convey a lot of information about yourself. They tell-away your moods and confidence levels. Walking or standing in a certain way can imply nervousness. The best part though is that you can practice and model your body language to exude confidence! Below are some key body language tips for confidence:

1.      Keeps Your Hands Out of Your Pocket

The first body language tip for more confidence is to keep your hands out of your pocket. People tend to put their hands in their pockets because they’re uncomfortable or unsure. It happens at the instinct level – when you’re nervous, you naturally tend to hide your hands. Whether you’re feeling nervous or uncomfortable, learn to keep your hands out of your pocket so that you can appear more confident!

2.      Do Not Fidget

As much as you might feel compelled to, don’t fidget. This is interpreted as a sign of nervousness. A man who can’t keep still is a non-confident, worried and tense man. Have it in mind that your hands tend to be your number one enemy against confident body language. Do everything to keep them steady and still. Of course, there’s no problem talking with your hands. But you just need to keep them calm and under control.

3.      Look Straight

Keep your eyes level – this is a surefire tricky way to demonstrate confidence with body language. When walking all by yourself, you might feel like you want to lower your head a bit and watch your steps. Don’t do this – the posture communicates a resistance to conversation and interactions. And it can grow into a habit. Try to always keep your eyes and chin forward.

4.      Stand Up Straight

This is perhaps the most important (and easiest) everyday body language tip for confidence. Don’t slouch! Standing up straight with your shoulders back shows that you’re confident. Just focus on pushing your shoulders back a little bit both when standing and walking. This seemingly easy tweak to your posture will do wonders. You could do a couple of trial runs in the mirror 

5.      Firm Handshake & Take Wide Steps

You probably know this one already! Don’t shake people’s hands like you are a little coward deep inside yourself. Grip the other person’s hand firmly and confident. If it’s someone you’ve met before, you could even do the cool two-hand grab. But don’t overplay it, otherwise, you’ll just come out looking all sorts of weird. Another important thing is to take wide, purposeful steps. This tip is more so for men. You shouldn’t be seen to walk as if you’re creeping.

6.      Smile

A little smile can make all the difference. Why? Because confident people smile all the time. They have nothing to worry about. Consider trying this starting NOW. Smile at someone as you pass by them – they’ll probably smile back! Great effect, right?

7.      Keep Your Arms Straight

In other words, don’t cross your arms when you’re talking or socializing. This posture reflects a cold, nervous and on-guard personality. You certainly aren’t trying to look like one of those mean-faced nightclub bouncers, are you? You want to look confident, open and likable. So just relax a bit and keep your arms uncrossed.

These seemingly easy everyday body language tips can go a long way towards conveying confidence. Do you think we left something out? Please share in the comments section below

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