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Being Sensitive: How to Comfort a Sad Friend

A young girl crying and a friend calming her, isolated on whiteFriends should not only be present on happy moments. A true friend is always there through thick and thin.

Showing affection to a friend especially at its saddest and lowest moments in life is very overwhelming not only to the one that needs comfort but also to the one who gives comfort. This is a great chance to show how much your friend means to you, as well as a great moment for your friend to express all his/her heartaches. But doing such acts requires courage and determination because it’s kinda awkward to approach a person in its most dramatic moment. Are you hesitant, seems your tongue is tied up and don’t know how to talk to your friend? The following body languages can be helpful to you to conquer the awkward moment whenever you want to help a friend.

  • Make her feel your presence

Letting your friend know that you are always there to comfort her, to listen to her, and to give her advices would mean a lot for a friend who seeks affection. It wipes out the gap or hesitation to approach her.

  • Knowing the whole situation

Asking her to tell you the whole story would be very helpful because this can be a great opportunity for her to unleash her hard feelings or sentiments. Just be careful on how to approach her to tell you the story because some are reluctant and ashamed. Make her feel that by telling you the story, you will be able to know and understand the whole situation. And through that, you will know what piece of advice is best for her.

  • Pamper your friend

While telling you the whole story, there is big possibility that your friend may cry because of the heartache she feels as she recalls the sad moment. Body languages such as hugging or tapping her shoulder are good comforting gestures. Just allow her to cry and express how she feels to release her feelings. You can also inject jokes if you can to reduce more sad and negative feelings.

  • Offer help and advices

After hearing the whole story, try to give her options on what to do and how to weigh the situation, same as through with the possible circumstances. Emotional and confused persons tend to be impulsive in deciding which may lead them to the wrong way. Offering your help together with your advices can help lighten up the burden.

Just a simple “let’s do it together” is very much uplifting.

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