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Body Language in Business

Body language plays an important role in people’s lives. While every person you see with their arms crossed on their chest are not always upset or defensive, being able to spot and identify the different body languages in the office can give you the leverage you need in getting that much desired promotion or support from your supervisor or workmates. Know that body languages can be subtle or obvious depending on the mental state of a person in relation to the current situation and environment he or she is in.

  • Exuding Confidence: Supervisors or team leaders are very particular about confidence when it comes to looking at potential candidates for promotion. They see people with confidence as people whom they can delegate bigger responsibilities without much to be worried about. At the same time, people in the office are more inclined to hang out with confident people because they see him or her as an inspiration. If you want to exude confidence, especially on your first day in the office, refrain from fidgeting and make sure that you smile at everyone. Develop a good posture by standing straight and having an expansive posture. Speak in a slow but clear pace and try to practice speaking in a moderate tone of voice. By displaying these traits, you will then be able to exude confidence. isolated businessman portrait
  • Identifying Defensiveness: Being a supervisor or a team leader requires him or her to have a positive relationship with his or her subordinates. However, there will always be those instances wherein not all of your employees will be receptive the way you want them to be probably due to disagreement about a particular company policy or opinion. By being able to identify signs that show defensiveness from a subordinate, you will be able to know how to approach them while at the same time being able to go through their defenses and establish rapport. If you see your employee with his or her eyes that are directed downwards or cast down then chances are that he or she is not being receptive to you. If they are not showing that much facial reaction then it is also possible that they are not interested with the topic at hand. If their palms are closed or they have their arms crossed on their chest then it may also be possible that they are feeling discomfort regarding the environment or what you are saying.
  • Determining Disengagement: It is vital that you are aware if your audience is showing disinterest or are disengaged especially when you are in front and is doing a presentation. You can identify these individuals if their heads are down and or their eyes are wandering everywhere every now and then. If you notice people playing with an object such as their neckties or pens then it is possible that they are not interested. People who are slouching is also a sign that they are not showing interest in your presentation. If you see these signs then this will give you the chance to think of something to get them interested with your topic.

Body language is very important and can make or break your future business aspirations.

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