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Body Language Can Speak Volumes in Business

Review of the business analyticsBeing conscious of the body language you are expressing to whom you are speaking with or to a big crowd can make an impact in relation to the goal you have in mind. This means that you should not be careless with your posture, your facial expression as well as with your gesture when you are interacting with your business partner, especially if you are presenting in front of a crowd. That raised eyebrow might end up breaking the deal that you have worked so hard to get.

When it comes to body language, always keep the following in mind:

Walk Confidently: Before you go up the stage, take a deep breath and fix your posture. Stand straight and gradually walk to the presentation area or the stage. Once you get to the stage or in front of the meeting room, look around the area and establish eye contact and make sure that you have a nice smile. Acknowledge your audience or business partners’ presence with a nod and greet them with a firm but lively tone.

Posture: When speaking, stand tall with your shoulders on your back, chest open, your head up, arms straight and slightly out from your sides with palms open to the front. Note that you should stand naturally and not be stiff or your appearance would appear more awkward and your audience will notice it. Note that this is not just a posture to show that you are confident but this helps you breathe naturally and improves your balance and helps project your voice better towards your audience.

Natural Movement: To further elaborate on being natural, while being conscious of your posture is a good thing, you should appear natural to your audience because if your audience sees that you appear stiff then they might get the impression that you are nervous. The last thing that you want them to focus on is on how nervous you are when they should be focused with what you are trying to tell them. On the other hand, being still is different from appearing stiff and pausing once in a while to gather your thoughts is better than continuously talking and resorting to fillers.

Gestures: If you want to get your audience’s attention better, be animated when you speak. Use your hands and make simple but strong gestures especially when you are describing something. If you have a means to use white boards to demonstrate your point, do so. If there is a pen on the table that you can use to express your idea, do so. Do not simply stand there talking when you can add more to your presentation. Always make eye contact with your audience or with the person whom you are interacting with but refrain from glaring. If you are going to move your eyes away from a particular portion of the audience, move them gradually towards either the left or right direction.

Body language is very vital when it comes to getting people interested with your business proposals hence being familiar and conscious of your body language is a big plus.

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