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The Body Language of Love

Couple for Valentine

When it comes to being in a relationship, expressing your love through a number of body languages can speak volume far more than what you verbally express to your partner. Note that body language is not limited to simple gestures alone such as smiling at someone or holding their hands. While some of these gestures are already obvious inclusions, some may be new to other couples.

Make Time for Each Other: This may be self-explanatory but to further elaborate, making time for each other is not limited to simply calling your beloved at certain times of the day. Calling your love one on unexpected hours, provided they have their mobile with them and are not busy with their work, can work like magic. Simply doing the former may become a routine and may lose its meaning hence it is best to keep in mind to make time for your beloved in such a way that it does not feel like a routine you have to do every day. Note that this is not limited to phone calls and also applies to other activities that you and your partner engaged with.

Connect Deeper During Mealtime: While people tend to ignore what is happening in their surroundings when they are eating, especially when they are hungry, it is healthy for the relationship to insert short conversations while enjoying your meal. This ensures that your partner feels that you are still there with him or her despite you being hungry and or focused on what you are eating. Do you notice that it is more enjoyable watching a movie while you are eating some snacks with your partner?Body Language Relationship

Message Them Once In A While: Why not send a short message to your special someone telling them how much you miss them? In fact, a simple morning greeting or “take care” plus a sweet endearment is a good way to let your beloved feeling that he or she is important and that you are thinking about them. Again, you need not do this on a daily basis since it might end up becoming habitual and lose its significance.

Speak Aloud: The sad fact is that a lot of couples tend to end up saying their “I love you”s in an habitual manner as opposed to saying it because they want to let their partners know how much they love them. However, it is not too late to get out of the routine. Saying it aloud to your special someone makes the gesture more sincere as compared to habitually saying it at the end of every phone call.

Look and Listen: Looking your special someone in the eyes while you express and profess your love to them is sometimes better than pecking them on the cheeks. At the same time, be attentive to how they respond and the way they look at you. Why not try closing the television or radio or the computer for an hour or two and then spend the night together in bed while you two are expressing your heartfelt thoughts and feelings?

The body language of love is not really complex if you are going to think about it. It is just a matter of being assertive and being spontaneous as opposed to doing things out of routine.

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