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Body Language Mistakes to Avoid to Become Successful

People express themselves the way they do for a reason, whether they are aware of that reason or not. And learning how to identify the different body languages that people display as well as what they mean can put you ahead of the race in terms of becoming successful in business and in life. However, it is also vital to learn the different body languages that can get you behind so that you can actively avoid expressing them.

Bored Businesswoman Working in Office

  • Slouching: If you are a businessman or a professional in a specific industry, try to avoid slouching when you are in a business meeting or when you are interacting with a client. Slouching is a sign of disinterest in the subject or towards a person and this is rude to the other person or to your audience. It gives people the impression that you do not want to hear what they are saying or what another person is saying and it is disrespectful.
  • Exaggerated Gestures: While it is recommended that you are animated when you are interacting with other people or when you are presenting in front of an audience, do not overdo it. Exaggerated gestures give your audience the impression that you are lying or you are exaggerating your point and can lead to disbelief. And the last thing that you want people to think of you is that you are someone who is not credible or trustworthy.
  • Constantly looking at the Clock: There is nothing wrong in checking out the clock once in a while but constantly looking at your watch, is very rude. Similar to slouching, people are more likely to develop the impression that you are disinterested in what they are telling you and this is offensive to them. If you cannot help but check your watch every now and then maybe because it has already become a habit or you really are bored then at least try to be discreet about it.
  • Turning Away or Leaning Away: Demonstrating this specific body language gives people the impression, similar to what has been mentioned countless times above, that you are disinterested with the person you are interacting with. You do not want to see your date showing you this kind of behavior so refrain from showing the same behavior to your date or to other people. This also makes people think that you are uncomfortable with the subject than interested.

If you have noticed, most of the tips above are about you refraining from showing any signs of disinterest. The thing is that if you want to be successful, you have to have people become interested in what you have to tell or sell them. And if you want them to listen to you or take interest in what you are offering or proposing to them, you should first show that you are also interested in learning from them and hearing what they have to say to you.

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