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Body Language Secret: How to Spot a Bored Person

This is another message cluster that you should learn especially if you want to know if the one you are dating is enjoying your company or is bored hearing you talk.

bored businesswomanThere are three languages of boredom; distraction, repetition, and tiredness and there are two main reasons for a person to be bored which could fall either on one of the following; disinterest, and readiness. Let us further discuss the subject by talking about the three languages of boredom.

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  • Distraction: You find yourself face to face with the girl (or guy) of your dreams and the moment seems too good to be true that you did not notice yourself talking too much about yourself like what you do for a living, your hobbies and the like. Then you took notice of something; she seems to keep on looking around as if she is looking for something and whenever her eyes settle on your direction, he or she was quick to avert it. And you know why? Because they are bored. If you see your date that appears restless then maybe you should stop and start focusing on him or her rather than talking too much about yourself. Who knows, she might stop doodling random objects or images on that tissue paper with his or her pen.
  • Repetition: You have prepared well for this day; you have carefully and thoroughly studied all there is to know about your business proposal and even set up everything you would need in the meeting room. As you were in the middle of your presentation, you notice that some of your audience seems to be fidgeting and moving restlessly. Fingers tapping, pens twirling between their fingertips, their foot moving back and fro, and so on. Was there something wrong? Were you missing something? If there is one thing that you should know about your audience’s behavior, it is the fact that they are bored. If your audience tends to fidget a lot, or appears restless through their repetitive mannerisms then it is a clear sign that you need to take a break or rethink the way you conduct your presentation.
  • Tiredness: On the other hand, if you are with your date and you see him or her yawning every now and then, as oppose to your initial idea of boredom being represented by restlessness then think again. He or she might be bored. The same thing is true if your audience seems to appear attentive but tend to slouch as you talk in front of them. Remember; they may not appear visibly restless but if they do not show any signs of enthusiasm or they look exhausted then chances are, they are bored.

If you see people who display any of this message cluster body language, then it is safe to assume that they are bored and if you are the one directly interacting with them, then you may want to try a more livelier or interactive approach.

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