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Body Language Tips for a Better Workplace

Mentalizer_Banner_workplaceTo have an effective workplace is essential for having a good running workmate relationship. And to have a good relationship between employees and the management is to have a good running company or business.

Young people in the officeIf the workplace of a certain company is an open workplace, employees are encouraged to share their ideas and concern about the management and for the betterment of the company. All businesses have different types of employees and different types of work situations, thus achieving this may seem daunting. But here are some tips on how to create a better workplace by improving and enhancing work communication among the employees and the company’s management team.

  • Open Communication in All Levels

Hierarchy plays an important role in the division of labor and resources, but this doesn’t mean you have to follow this protocol in every single situation. In terms of communication, allowing it to be open-door policy among all the staffs and all levels of management encourages the employees to express their ideas and concerns about the company. They will feel that they are valued because their opinion matters. Your employees are the lifeblood of your business and so is your ability to effectively communicate. Ensuring a clear and open avenue of communication within the workplace is the cornerstone to success.

  • As a Business Owner, Know Your Attitude

As the head of a company, being aware of your attitude towards your employees is necessary. Watching your body language in imposing your expression means a lot. Unfriendly gestures such as frowning, remaining stone-faced, standing with arms akimbo may be interpreted as very much authoritative and that no one can approach you. This will make your employees feel aloof to tell you their concerns. Smiling is very welcoming and establishing an eye-to-eye contact means you are interested. These friendly gestures open all doors of communication, thus creating a better workplace.

  • Teambuilding, Trainings, Workshops and Mentoring

Enhancing and elevating your employees’ knowledge and ability towards their jobs by giving them teambuilding trainings and workshops is like upgrading a software to a more sophisticated and modern program. It increases your employees’ ability to work more effectively. It does not only improve their knowledge about their work but it builds and creates a firmer relationship with each other. Bonding is sometimes essential to build a good relationship. Try organizing an after-hours party or cookout, or a day retreat where managers and coworkers enjoy outdoor recreation and learn to enjoy each other’s company.

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