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Body Language Tips for the Office Party

Office parties are great because this allows people in the company to relax and get the opportunity to get to know the people whom they work with. However, this does not mean that you should be taking it easy to the point that you are going to vent out all your frustrations regarding the workplace, nor start flirting with your supervisor while there are other guests watching. It remains important that you be vigilant of your behavior and your body language because expressing the wrong body language can potentially cause you to lose your job when done around the wrong people at the wrong time.

office party body language

Be Hospitable: This means that you should try to smile as much as you can to those around you. The last thing that you want is to leave an impression that you are a snob to those around you. Try approaching workmates and or other people as if you are the host of the event and try to see how they are doing while at the same time not overdoing it. By being hospitable, you give a positive and warm vibes to those whom you approach which helps establish rapport between you and them.

Have A Good Posture: It may already sound like a mantra but it cannot be stressed how important having a good posture is when you are interacting with the people around you especially when you are in an office party. By standing straight, you exude an aura of self-esteem and confidence which can make people have a positive impression of you. Take note that you have to relax when standing straight because standing straight but looking stiff can give the opposite impression.

Shake People’s Hands/Touch Them: The way you greet other people can make a lasting impression on them so be conscious of how you offer a handshake. Keep in mind that a firm handshake connotes professionalism and touching the arm or shoulder in a light manner can create a bond. However, be wary not to overdo your handshakes and not to touch them too frequently because it can give them the impression that you are flirting with them and or you are too needy.

Relax: Do not forget that the main point of holding an office party is for people to enjoy and have a relaxing time. While it is good that you are conscious of your body language and or the things that you say to those whom you interact with, people will still notice if you are tensed and or too conscious of how you carry yourself. Try not to think too much and act natural. If you want people to approach you then appear approachable meaning that you should look relaxed and hospitable.

Body language should not be taken for granted even if you are in a situation that opens up the opportunity for relaxation. Body language can go a long way from leaving a good impression on people that can eventually lead to prospective business relationships.

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