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Face Body Language Secrets

When was the last time that you were able to confidently read what someone was thinking in a given moment simply by observing how he or she behaved? How does it feel to know that your read was accurate? And you were able to positively influence the outcome of a business meeting because you were paying attention to how people carried themselves?

Man face.If you feel that you are lacking in the “reading other people” department or you want to brush up your skills in determining a person’s current mental state through your powers of observation then you should not limit yourself to just looking at them in a general sense. One of the things that you should learn how to interpret is a person’s face. And the first thing that you need to know about reading the face body language is that the face consists of 50 muscles; many of which are capable of sending may non-verbal signals.

  • Colors: This is perhaps one of the things that you should always take note of when it comes to guessing a person’s mental state through observing their face. The face’s complexion changes depending on their physical and mental state. If you see someone at a distance, say a neighbor of yours with his or her face getting red and you do not have any reason to think that he or she is ill or experiencing fevers, then it is likely that they are aroused, excited or possibly mad. The rationale behind this is that the blood tends to flow faster in a person’s veins as caused by the excitement that they are experiencing thus causing a change of complexion. On the other hand, if you see someone going out of an alley with his her complexion being white then it might not be a good idea to go through the same alley since the complexion connotes fear. This happens when the blood flows to parts of the body like the feet or hands where it requires more power or energy. And a blue complexion from that same person from the alley would simply mean that he or she saw something terrifying.
  • Moisture: This is another sign that says a person is emotionally aroused though, of course, reasons of why they are sweating can differ. If we are going to use the example above regarding the person who came out of the alley and is shown to be sweating a lot then it is likely that he or she really saw something horrifying. Meanwhile, if the ventilation is fine and the person on the other desk does not seem to be eating any spicy foods but is sweating a lot while glaring at the monitor then maybe he or she won the lottery or something similar.
  • Facial Expressions: Some facial expressions that you might want to get familiar with in terms of reading another person’s body language would be trembling lower lip for people who are anxious, paired with his or her eye brows furrowed together. Meanwhile, if you see a girl with her nose turned to a sneer and the corner of her mouth are turned down then she is likely envious. On the other hand, if you see your friend with his or her head propped up with a hand then it is likely that he or she is bored and maybe you should find a way to keep him or her busy.

And trust me; if I were to list every facial expression along with their individual possible interpretation or meaning, it will likely take the whole day for you to know each expression.

The main idea is that observing and taking note of the other person’s facial expressions, physical conditions can tell you a lot about that individual’s current mental and emotional state.

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