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Learn Forehead Body Language

Portrait of young businessman scratching his headAnother interesting subject to delve in when it comes to various body language topics is the forehead body language. The truth is that being intimately familiar with the different forehead body language will help you a lot when it comes to trying to read what a person is feeling or thinking as of the moment.

Being able to take notice and identify the different forehead body language in conjunction with your ability to read a person’s facial body language as well as the other parts of the face gives you a lot of information when it comes to guessing games.

  • Wrinkling: Perhaps the most common and obvious expression that a person’s forehead can show. Wrinkling is connected to the eyebrows’ movements which are often upwards hence it serves to enhance the facial expression signals. If you see your supervisor with his or her forehead wrinkling then chances are, someone did not do their job well and you may want to start focusing on your work rather than playing those online games.
  • Sweating: At the same time, if you see your co-worker’s forehead sweating paired with his or her hands trembling and you are fully aware that the ventilation is not malfunctioning then you can read this as either he or she is emotionally aroused or excited about something. Might be because he or she is going to get promoted or perhaps, payday is just around the corner and you remember him or her telling you that there is a big sale in the mall. On the other hand, if you cannot think of any positive reason for your workmate’s forehead to be sweating then maybe he or she just got into trouble.
  • Touching:This is not entirely a body language of the forehead alone but a body language in general. If you see this same co-worker of yours wiping his or her forehead and let out a sigh then chances are that he or she just got relieved. On the other hand, if he or she keeps on wiping the sweat on his or her forehead and again, you know fully well that you guys are in normal room temperature then maybe seeing your boss’s furrowed eyebrows may not be an imagination and may possible have something to do with this particular workmate of yours and your workmate is anxious or worried. At the same time, if you see your superior rubbing each of his or her temples then it is very likely that he or she is stressed out. In addition, if your same co-worker starts tapping his or her forehead with open-palms then it is certain that he or she did something inappropriate or made a mistake as this behavior is related to the feeling of being stupid.

Funny that simply observing a person’s forehead along with his or her hand gestures can lead you into imagining or visualizing stories which are probably highly likely to have taken place. Forehead body language is the real deal and being able to spot one and determine the mood it insinuates can help put you in the best position and save you from a bad situation.

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