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What Does Your Breathing Pattern Mean

banner2_breathing_patternThere are different ways on how to read the body language of a person. It can be read through eye contact, smile, facial expression, and legs and arms movements. And do you know that breathing patterns have meanings in body language too?

attractive woman breathing and relaxing Breathing and emotions have connections. Feelings can be read through breathing and when your emotions change, your breathing pattern is affected too. Try to figure out what does the breathing pattern you see in your suitor, friend, colleague or workmate mean. These may not  describe exactly how the person feels but it also depends upon the situation.

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  • Deep breath may signal fear, anger, excitement and love or attraction

Deep breathing is one of the most noticeable breathing patterns in terms of reading a person’s body language. If a person suddenly holds his breath in a horrible situation, he is sending a message of fear. It may also convey anger when a person takes a deep breath to pull out his emotion followed by shouting out. You will also notice a deep breath on someone who has been shocked, surprised or excited. He suddenly takes a deep breath and holds it for a while with a matching glow in the eyes means he is either surprised or excited. Deep breathing for some, who are attracted to their opposite sex, is used to make a nice impression. A guy takes a deep breath to make his upper body look broader and his stomach look smaller to impress a girl.

  • Heavy rapid breathing may signal tiredness and fear

See a person who just ran after a robber; he breaths rapidly. It is because the heart beats faster and the lungs need more oxygen that’s why he is like catching up his breath. Same as through with a person who is trying to escape something that is fearful, his breath is very rapid and heavy. So you can easily notice that a person has been running for some reason – after or from something –  through his breathing.

  • Sigh may signal relief, hopelessness, or sadness

Sigh is to emit a long, deep breath with an audible sound. A person may take a sigh if he feels relieved like when a long struggle is over. It’s like he is thankful that his struggle is finally over. A sigh may also convey sadness or hopelessness, just like a man who is waiting for his date who doesn't show up for the meeting. It may also express tiredness and disappointment when hoping.

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