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What is in Genius’ Brain?

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When you hear the word ‘genius’ the most common descriptions that comes into one’s mind is exceptional thinking, solves a complex problem in a small span of time, gives accurate solutions, and has extraordinary ability and creativity.

Lots of great names in the world’s history like Albert Einstein, Aristotle, Thomas Edison, Galileo Galilei, and many others have great discoveries and inventions. Others have incomparable intelligence in the field of music like Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven and Johann Sebastian Bach. Others have extraordinary smart brain in writing like William Shakespeare and Plato.

Take a look at the common characteristics of a genius person. This can be a guide to assess yourself or observe someone you know based on his or her body languages if he or she possesses the traits of a true genius.

  • Has the ability to concentrate extremely

One of genuine characteristics of a genius person is his ability to focus and concentrate on a single object inspite of different diversions and distractions. Through the extreme ability to concentrate, they can think of ways or solutions to solve a problem brilliantly.

  • They always want to achieve perfection

Another characteristic of a true genius is its determination to achieve perfection. Due to his extreme ability to concentrate, he never stops until he achieves his goal with perfection. And when it comes in achieving a certain goal like an invention, he never gets satisfied with just an average result but a perfect and exceptional result. They are very meticulous, a part of being a perfectionist.

  • Has superb problem solving skills

Most geniuses have the ability to solve a complex problem in their own special way. Usually they have their own special formulas or systematic method to solve problems in shorter span of time. Life for example, in solving math problems, they use short cut methods than following the long method in solving a problem.

  • They are open-minded

Geniuses are mostly open-minded. They are very curious, have wide imaginations, have playful minds, and very creative. Their brains are overflowing with ideas. Their approach on things is very extraordinary and they view things differently when compared to a non-genius person.

  • They are productive

Most geniuses are known for their productivity. Their ideas do not just stick on their brain. They use these ideas to create great things. Their minds are always working and keep on thinking mostly all of the time. They combine different thoughts and ideas to formulate something that will lead to a great result.

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