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Your Words VS Your Body Language

Some people wonder that while they are knowledgeable about a particular subject and honestly believe that they have done their job, they still fail on closing that sale or getting the audience’s attention. One factor may be that their body is saying something differently as opposed to what they are trying to tell their audience. This can definitely break a deal.

Consulting with expert.The truth is that there is a lot of people out there who tend to take the idea of body language for granted. Familiarizing yourself with the different body languages that people display and being aware of how you are moving when interacting with people can make a big difference. So how do you make sure that what you are saying is being properly displayed by your body language?

  • Be Prepared: In order for you to be able to say what you want and have your body show it as well, you first have to be comfortable with yourself. You can be comfortable if you make the necessary preparations for a business meeting, a date or anything similar. This ensures that you already have taken a number of things into account which will give you control over the outcome of your endeavor. Hence it is important to be prepared so you can feel more comfortable of what you plan to tell your audience. Before you go out in front to speak, take a deep breath and try to gather your thoughts.
  • Posture: Even if you are feeling a lack of self-confidence or your mind is being doubtful, what you can do is at least show confidence through your actions. This means that you should make sure that your arms are relaxed, your palms are opened, your shoulders are easy on your back and you are standing straight. Refrain from slouching, from standing on one leg, from closing your hands and keeping them tensed. Having the correct posture will allow the oxygen you breathe to flow better inside your body which will help in relaxing you and keeping your mind alert.
  • Behave Naturally: This means that when you are moving around, make it a point that they have a purpose. Refrain from fidgeting, twirling your hair when speaking in front of people or an audience, walking back and forth aimlessly. When speaking in front of people and feeling nervous, what you can do to discharge that nervousness is to make gestures with your hands as you speak. This can be pointing at a certain subject written on the board, an object, a person, making a sign. Or maybe displaying a dismissive hand gesture to demonstrate a point or anything similar.

Remember that your body language plays an important role when it comes to how people respond to you.

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