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Body Language Fact: Everyone Can Read Minds

A Body Language Fact Everyone Can Read Minds

Almost everyone thinks that mind reading is a trick that can't be true. Most of the time, people associate it with magic, deception, and set ups. However, this is not the real case – everyone can read minds.

young woman reprochingEssentially, anyone can read minds. By being empathic about a person, we can get a look on how a person sees the world. By reading how they act, look and speak, we can further deduce what the other person has in mind.

By knowing these body language signs, you, too, can read minds:

  1. Body language

Body language is a clear sign of what a certain person is thinking. A creased forehead is a sign of stress. This can clue you in on what the person is thinking. If they are sweating too much, this may be a sign that they are nervous or lying.

By opening out your arms, you assert your strength, and in a way, reducing your stress rate. On the other hand, if you crunch up into a ball at the slightest mistake, you are increasing your stress rate.

By knowing these signs, you can also be aware of other people acting this way.

  1. Breathing

Knowing how someone breathes is another way to read their minds.

When someone breathes all the way through the base of their spine, it clues you that they are relaxed. A person that breathes shallow, being a sign that one is tense, could also mean they are nervous..

If they breathe choppy, it's also a sign that one is nervous. They may be hiding something from you or may be lying. Someone that is relaxed when breathing is a calm person, showing that they are truthful.

  1. Eyes

The saying goes that the eyes are the windows to the soul. When people think hard, one's pupils dilate. An overloaded brain causes constricted pupils.

Another tip that's handy to know is that pupils dilate when you meet another person. If the person's pupils widen and then constrict upon meeting them, then it means they are not interested in you. However, when the pupils remain wide, it means that one is excited to meet you.

  1. Tone

One's tone of voice is also a tell on what the person has in mind. Slow speakers are calm and collected whereas fast speakers are nervous and fidgety.

Sometimes, the tone will tell you a lot of things about the speaker without even focusing on the words they use.

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