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Benefits of Body Language: Reading Micro-Expressions

Learning how to read people’s body language will help you figure out what they truly mean with what they are saying or what their mental condition is. And even the littlest gestures can say a lot about a person hence reading micro-expressions is vital when it comes to interpersonal relationships.

Facial ExpressionWould it not be great if you can read people’s minds? And the fact of the matter is that the idea is not really as far fetched as you think.

Micro-expression refers to short and involuntary facial expressions and they basically tell how a person is truly feeling at a given time regardless of their effort in concealing their true intentions. This also potentially reveals the impression or impact that you are making towards people be it a positive one or a negative one. Some of the most common but not limited to micro-expressions are:

Squint: This is a natural human instinct or behavior when they want to block something that they do not want or favor.  If you see potential clients squint at what they are reading it is likely that they are not happy or satisfied with what they are reading.

Eye Block: This is similar to squinting except that the subject expresses anxiety or worry through covering or touching their eyes.

Brow Read: Observe how the other person’s eyebrows are positioned. Keep in mind that the higher the position of the eye brows, the more confident the other person is with regard to what he or she is saying or the way he or she is carrying him or herself.

Flutter: People’s eyes tend to flutter when they feel discomfort with what is being discussed hence it is important to know when to shift the subject of the conversation when you observe such a behavior from the other person.

Pressed Lips: People tend to press their lips together when put in an uncomfortable situation or when they are responding negatively to an unpleasant situation.

Pursed Lips: If you see a person press their lips after being offered a deal then expect a negative response. If you are doing a presentation and you see one of the audience press their lips, it potentially means that they disagree with what you are saying.

Learning the different micro-expressions and identifying them may take a while and constant practice. However, being adept at spotting a particular body language and figuring out what it represents can make a big difference when it comes to your interpersonal relationships.

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