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Body Language Facts About Eye Contact

Young twins girls having fun laughing in summer parkHuman eyes are said to be the window to the soul. Eyes are so powerful that it can express lots of feelings. It can bring comfort, it can hurt, it can make you fall in love, or it can frighten you.

You can lie to your feelings but in the body language of the eye, you cannot hide anything. Although you are not speaking, your eyes can exquisitely express what the real score about your feelings is.

Eye contact is one of the strongest body language used in communicating. Here are some fascinating facts about eye contact and a little bit of tips on how to read the body language of the eye.

  • Too much eye contact may implicate two expressions; it’s either positive or negative. A person who keeps on looking or gazing to someone may express love or attraction. A person who is attracted or falling in love with someone tends to keep on looking to the one he is attracted with. Eye contact can actually manipulate feelings which can make someone fall in love. Strong eye contact may also convey confidence, strong leadership and strength.
  • On the contrary, too much eye contact may express hostility, rudeness, intimidation, obsession, or other sarcastic expressions. In fact, it is through eye contact that a person is captivated in hypnotism. In terms of gender, prolonged eye contact on male-to-male may be considered as hostile like a man who wants to knock out his rival towards a girl they both love. In female-to-female eye contact, it may be considered as competitive expression. And in male-to-female gazing, it may indicate intimate or sexual attraction.
  • If a person could not establish a direct eye contact, she is commonly perceived as shy or she is trying to hide something. For example, if a girl is attracted to a boy, she would tend to look at the boy mostly when he is not looking at her because she tries to hide her feelings towards the boy. On the other situation, a person who tries to lie could not make a direct eye contact because she feels she will melt when she begin to make a direct contact. But there are situations when a person tends to look directly to deceive and to prove the other person that she is not telling the truth.
  • Female mostly do eye-to-eye contact when talking to someone than male. It is because women prefer face-to-face conversation while men are contented in talking while side-by-side.

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