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Did You Know That Your Body Is Capable Of These Super Powers?

Super MemYou probably have heard a motivational speaker say that your body is capable of many things, and they just might have been right. 99% of the time, the most incredible capabilities of both your brain and your body has are hidden from you. But you’ll be surprised just what you might be able to do. Take a look at these incredible feats!

Super Strength

Super Hero movies are an all-time classic around the world. Most people imagine how life would be like if they were some superhero. Although most superhero stories are pure fiction, you are capable of super strength. A young man was working on the suspension of a 1964 Impala car when the vehicle slipped off the jack, trapping him in the wheel well. His mother, Angela Cavallo, ran to find her son unconscious and pinned under the auto. She called a neighbor to go get help and when that help wasn’t fast enough, she went right ahead to lift the damn vehicle off her son. And you guess right she used nothing more than her bare hands! The vehicle weighed at least 3,340 pounds.

Sinjin Eberle was rock climbing in New Mexico when a boulder worth about 600 pounds came lose. It smashed into him, pushing him into a drop that would mean certain death. But adrenalin set in and this climber was able to toss the boulder aside!

Now, if you think that these are legends, no they are not! Actual scientific evidence suggests that muscle fibers can let you punch through a wall Terminator-style. But the brain prevents this from happening because your tissues and tendons weren’t designed for that kind of work. But when you get into that lift-the-car or son dies situation, bodily functions such as immune response and digestion are stopped momentarily, and you get super strength.

Super Memory

Do you remember that Wednesday afternoon 20 years ago when you were dead-bored? You probably do not. But make no mistake, just as your muscles are intrinsically capable of ‘snapping a dude’s neck’; your brain is highly capable of storing everything that you see or experience. A woman named Jill Price has hyperthymesia, a condition that gives her autobiographical memory. She’ll tell you precisely how the weather was like 10 years ago, and other trivial events that most people don’t seem to remember. But even when you don’t have a disorder like this, your memory can work at a much higher level than it’s used to.

Pain Immunity

There’s no doubt that pain is a necessary part of life. It helps you learn to keep away from some things. But at some point, you have a sudden injury and in a few moments, you realize that it doesn’t even hurt. Well, in these moments of shock and trauma, your brain technically flips off the pain switch. When Amy Racina fell off a cliff, she broke her hip and shattered her knee. And amid all this, all she could feel was some minor pain. She even managed to drag herself to help. It wasn’t until she was being lifted to a hospital in a helicopter that the pain returned. This has everything to do with endorphins. It’s like morphine that’s naturally produced in the body. Endorphins are the ideal feel-good substance, released in the body during orgasm, excitement, and exercise. It also has the potential to fully or partially dull pain.

For various reasons, the body prevents you from accessing this super power potential at will. But in survival-critical situations, you just might be surprised what you’re able to toss off your way.

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