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Body Language: Introvert or Disinterest?

Body language is the main culprit when people sense what you're up to. Body language plays a big role in nonverbal communication, where you leave things unsaid. It can usually be detected by your tone, pitch, facial expression and even the way you stand. These are all signs that people miss when they solely rely on voice during communication.

Most of the time, body language reveals your inner thoughts and feelings. Many times, it can be used even to detect if you're telling the truth or not.

Yes, I'm an introvert. No, I don't hate people. Typography poster. Motivational Background
Yes, I'm an introvert. No, I don't hate people. Typography poster. Motivational Background

Introverts, however, are subject to the trials and tribulations of being misunderstood. Their relaxed and calm demeanor is usually interpreted by some as disinterest and boredom.

What is an introvert?

An introvert is a person that likes to be alone. This isn’t to be confused with someone who's shy, though. Introverts like to be alone; shy people just can't talk to people much. Being with people drains an introvert's energy. They usually prefer smaller and more intimate groups. So in times when they're in bigger groups, they usually feel drained and taxed after a while.

Because of this, introverts are usually misunderstood as shy or disinterested people. However, a quick reading of their body language reveals otherwise.

Here are some tips to spot if a person is an introvert, or if they just want to bolt out the door at first opportunity:

Body direction. An introvert will usually be facing towards you when you speak. They will not talk as much, though, which could be misinterpreted as disengagement. They are content with listening. A disinterested person, however, will have his body turned against you and will probably be facing something more interesting for him.

Listening. An introvert listens to what you're saying. Although they don't engage, introverts are usually good listeners. They catch the fine details of your message, and in turn analyzes it more than the average person. Introverts will nod their heads, eyes will constantly be looking at you, as well as urging you to talk more. Disinterested people will just change the topic in a hurry or find ways to excuse themselves.

Feet. The feet of a listener is a huge giveaway of disinterest. Introverts will have their feet pointed towards you when you're in a conversation. This shows interest and engagement. However, disinterested people will have their feet pointed elsewhere, usually a door or somewhere more interesting for them. The feet is a subconscious way to point where they want to go.

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