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Body Language That Projects Success

If you want to give people the impression that you are someone successful or you want to convince them to follow your example, then you should project the following body language:

Stand Tall and Take Up Space

success_ok signOne way of giving people the impression that you are someone who has status and power is by having an upright posture. This means that you should have your shoulders back, and you should hold your head high. Doing so will give people an impression that you are confident and are sure of what you are telling them. Moving around also shows that you have a powerful personality since it is also an act of taking space as well as sitting with both feet flat on the floor or hooking one elbow on the back of your chair is also a good example. Spreading your belongings on online casino the conference table shows power as if you are branding within the area as your territory.

Widen your Stance

Always keep in mind that if your feet are together then it gives an impression that you are hesitant and unsure of yourself. By relaxing your knees and widening your stance and at the same time, centering your weight in your lower body, you will give an impression that you are confident of what you are discussing. This contributes to people focusing more on you as oppose to losing their interests.

Lower your vocal pitch

The quality of your voice can be a factor as to how people perceive you. People often judge people who have a high-pitched voice to be less powerful and nervous as oppose to those who have a lower vocal pitch. A good technique in conditioning your vocal chords for a lower pitch is to put your lips together and say “Um, hum, um hum, um hum”. By doing this, you tend to relax your voice into its optimal pitch.

Maintain Positive Eye Contact

A lot of people grow up having the idea that staring at people is rude and while this is true to some extent, making eye contact and maintaining it is a sign that you are confident. Make eye contact long enough to see the color of the people’s eyes and refrain from quickly looking away because doing so will give the person the impression that you are shy and lacking self-confidence.

Knowing how to effectively utilize your body language can ultimately make or break a business meeting.

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