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How To Voice Your Opinion In A Soft And Polite Tone

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Each and everyone of us have our own opinions with regard to everything around us. However, knowing how to state your opinion properly can make a big difference especially if you want to obtain the favor of the majority of your audience.

Realize that if you state your opinion in the wrong manner, people will no longer be receptive to you in the future which can be vital when it comes to doing business with them. Learning how to voice your opinion without sounding too aggressive has its merits and it is not rocket science.


Be Conscious: The first thing that you should do is become aware of your tone of voice. A lot of people end up surprised when people do not listen to what they are saying not realizing that their tone has a lot to do with it. Even if what you are saying is good for your audience, if you sound like you are hard-selling or if you are condescending then your audience will not be receptive. It is important that you know how a polite and soft tone sounds. Try recording yourself and listening to it. Does your voice suggest aggressiveness? Does it sound agitated or nervous?

Observe good speakers: One way to learn is by mimicking what other people do and one of the best ways to learn how to speak in a soft and polite tone is to observe how the best motivational speakers express their ideas. Take note of the pace they express their ideas and their tone in addressing their audience. You will notice that these people speak clearly and are confident with what they are saying. Facial expressions also play a role when it comes to expressing your opinions politely.

Ask A Friend To Listen: Or ask your professor, a family member or relative to listen to how you state your opinion and ask for their objective impression regarding your tone. They should be able to honestly tell you how you sound and how you can improve your tone.

Practice: Practicing is invaluable and one of the best ways to practice is by applying it when you are given the opportunity to express your opinions. If your audience seems interested in what you are saying and are intent on listening to what you are telling them then chances are that you are doing it right. Observe the way they listen. Take note of how they sit and how they listen and their facial expressions. Do they have their brows crossed? Are they smiling at you with their dazzling eyes? By practicing on a constant basis, you will eventually get used to speaking in such a manner and it will eventually become second nature to you and you will get to the point that you no longer have to make an effort in sounding polite and soft.

Voicing your opinion is not just about your opinion! Expressing the correct body language can affect how your audience perceives your opinion.

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