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Body Language Secrets to Make Them Trust You

Body language will always be a contributing factor to how people you interact with respond to you. By being familiar with the different body languages that people display, it will help you figure out what they are possibly thinking or feeling at a given time which can help you determine how best to interact and respond to them. Audience Listening To Presentation At Conference

  • Eye Contact: The direction of a person’s line of sight tells a lot as to where his or her interests lie. If you are with a date and then you notice your date’s eyes wandering around then chances are that she is bored and wants to leave. Not a good sign at all. On the other hand, if you are in front of a crowd and your crowd’s attention is focused solely on you then rest assured that your presentation is good. Always make it a point to make eye contact to get the other person or your audience’s attention. But try not to stare too much. If you are to look somewhere else or to someone else do so gradually.
  • Arm Position: Be conscious of how your arms are positioned. Are both your arms crossed over your chest? Are both arms behind your back? The former says that you are unapproachable while the latter says that you are regal and prefer to be distant when it comes to interacting with people. The best way to earn your audience’s trust is to relax your arms and make sure that both your palms are open. This signifies trustworthiness, confidence and being comfortable.
  • Posture: Refrain from slouching because it is a sign that you are disinterested and lazy and this is the last impression that you would want your business partner or date to see. For you to be able to convey an aura of confidence, hold your shoulders over your hips and then make sure that your toes are pointed towards your audience and or the person whom you are speaking with. If you are sitting across another person, say your date or business deal, make sure that you are leaning forward but not too forward. This shows that you are interested in what the other person has to say or is saying.

Do not underestimate what body language can do for you. People have been taking advantage of body language for a very long time regardless if they are aware of it or not, and contributed to the success of historical personalities as well as modern day celebrities. Learn how body language works and it will definitely work wonders for you.

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