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Body Language Tips: Dealing With Difficult People

Frau im Bro wirft mit PapierballPeople that are difficult to deal with are everywhere. They can be one of your workmates or colleague, one of your family members, or you may just bump in somebody you do not know in public places.

Dealing with these kinds of people challenge and provoke your patience and trigger your anger. When your ego gets hurt and your temper meets his temper, you may clash immediately if you do know how to control your feelings.

The following are some empowering keys to handle the situation properly. But please bear in mind that these methods may not apply perfectly to your situation. Use these keys at the right person, at the right place, and at the right time.

  • Self-Control

When you are in front of an unreasonable person and he is trying to bring out your anger, try to be cool, relax, and let her/him say everything he wants to say. Control yourself. Think of this: if you fire up his/her anger with your anger, it will only make things worse. Be conscious with your body language. The more you let him speak, the more you have time to think of what are the right words to say. Remember, a knowledgeable person knows what to say, a wise person knows when to say.

  • Prioritize Which is More Important

When you are put into a difficult situation by someone, prioritize what is more important – to resolve the problem or confront the person? Confronting the person first consumes your time and effort and it will just ruin your mood. Try to think of ways on how unravel the situation. Get to the bottom of the problem to resolve it fast. And if you need to talk to that person remember your self-control.

  • Be Optimistic

When you are for an instance being frequently bullied by this difficult person, try to turn negative comments about you into positive one. For example, he/she keeps on telling you, you are ugly, why not think, “Be thankful that I am ugly, you cannot say you are beautiful without seeing an ugly like me”. Or you are so annoyed with someone who will only call you when he/she needs you and ignores you when he/she needs no more. Try to think you are like a light: he/she needs you because he is in darkness. Try to think of ways on how to turn negative comments into complement.

These are just some of the keys on how to deal successfully over an unreasonable and difficult person. Whenever you are engaged with them, just try to be calm, wise and optimistic.

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