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Ehud Segev: “The New Horatio Alger”

Ehud Segev, 24, loves this country. He is a talented sophisticated young actor, performer, entertainer and… mentalizer, as well. He is a new star, a member of a new tribe of people who see America as their new social frontier. They were Americanized before they became newcomers to this universal continent, the “new world.” They espoused the American values, they are the new Horatio Algers, they want to be famous, to be distinguished, they are highly motivated. Certainly the “Arnold Syndrome” in California has enriched their dreams: America means immigrants, immigrants mean America (Oscar Henolin!)

By Gad Nahshon, Editor

Ehud Segev came to this country from the town of Rosh Pina, in the north of Israel: “I would like to reach to the top. I would like to contribute to this country. I would like to be successful in Hollywood as well. And let me tell you that one day I will be the president of the U.S.A.! Yes, do not laugh. The fact that I was born in Rosh Pina, that I was not born here is not important because I predict that America will change the Constitution. I believe in America as the great land of possibilities and I believe in myself,” declared Ehud Segev, a tough sabra, a young man who believes in the greatness of America more than most of the Americans themselves.

He understands the essence of the American ethos, the American dream, and he plans to sail on the waves of the future. He is only a 23 year old Israeli but he has great experience in life, in business and, of course, in performance. You can see him play at the 42nd St. off-Broadway Trilogy Theater in Hamlet. You can see him playing at 42nd St. Chashama in Sleeping in Tomorrow. He also participated in Kiddush in East Jerusalem at the Theater for the New City or Out of Focus at the Vital Theater, NY. Of course, he was acting in many plays in Israel. Furthermore, he has a lot of experience in acting in films: Horizon Time, Alive Again, and in… Immigrants. He trained himself at the prestigious studios: Stella Adler, HB Studios, and others. Segev is a well-known popular mentalizer. He loves to entertain people. His shows are attracting many people because he is unique. He discovered his abilities as early as 12 years old. He developed these mystic, spiritual, para-psychological talents in Israel in the Galilee. He has links to the city of Tsfat, the ancient city or capital of the Kabbalah (16th century). He was actually born there. Segev has links to the roots of the Jewish mysticism but his shows are just acts of entertainment. Often, he compares himself to Uri Geller, but his shows are different: This is the act of the impossible – mind control, thought transmittal, metal bending, telekinesis, element of hypnosis, and pure mentalist. Segev became famous in Israel because of these massive shows often with a thousand participants. When he was 19 he produced a show in which he wanted to bring back the spirit of Yitzhak Rabin (in a club in Metula, North). This show was cancelled because of public pressure of the Galilee”s Rabbis who argued that this show contradicted the Jewish religion. Ehud Segev, as I pointed out, is only an entertainer. That”s all. ( “I have a dream to be the present of this country. I have here all of the options. This is the land of openness. You have to work hard. I came here because I could not be more a kind of victim of the Israeli mentality. I belong to a young generation who believes in private enterprise. In Israel we have too much authorities. Too much obstacles. We must change this negative situation. How? All powers to businessmen. We need more privatization! We need economic liberalism. We need more linkages between center and the hinterland. We need low level taxation. I was in business. I saw these problems. It was very hard to develop business. It is a message to change the attitude to young Israeli capitalists.” Of course, Segev loves his motherland. Rosh Pina is not just a town in the North. It is a Zionist landmark. It was established by the Biluim in 1882! They were the first Zionist pioneers who came to Palestine to be the first Jewish farmers, back to nature, away from the urban decaying Jewish East-European old ghettos, away from the avalanche of pogroms and more pogroms a-la-kishniff, April 1903. Segev, who is fascinated by the American dream or by the great open frontier, is the grandson of one of these pioneers who established Rosh Pina. He is a scion of the fourth generation. His grandfather, Yitzhak Goldstein, was a founding father of Rosh Pina. Segev”s parents live there today and they did not stop him from coming to this country. The past belongs to their motivated, smart, nice, son. Why America? “I was influenced by the Americanization of the Israeli society. It is, I think, a positive process. Also I have a friend in Las Vegas. As a young business man I fell in love with the American dream. After 9/11 I learned about a new policy and I took a few clothes and rushed to come to this country. I do believe that you can accomplish everything that you dream about only in America. I believe in the superiority of the American gospel of capitalism! I am focusing on my goals. Often I do not sleep thinking how to reach them. I believe that everything here is open to all. I do not believe that there is something which is impossible to achieve. That”s the reason for my belief is that I can be the president of the U.S.A.,” said Ehud Segev, at our interview at the W. 50th Starbucks.

Segev is a young man with a strong personality. He loves the Zohar. Often he integrates religion in his entertaining unique shows. He is a performer. He does not believe in manipulation of the mind. Often he can predict the coming of certain events. He predicted the coming of the 1991 Desert Storm. He is a young person. He can also look into his future in this country, from NYC to Hollywood and from Hollywood to the White House. But who will remember Rosh Pina?

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