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Common Gestures and Signs of Aggressive Body Language

The third sub-category of the message cluster aggressive body language focuses more on subtle gestures as oppose to more visible general movements or postures.

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As what was discussed with the previous aggressive body language subjects, there are three sub-categories of the aggressive body language and the third one, referred to as “Gestures”, are actually made up of a lot of subtle body language as compared to the former sub-categories of the aggressive body language.

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  • Insulting Gestures: There are countless gestures that are meant to provoke another person into engaging into a disadvantageous conflict. Arm thrusts, chin tilts, single or double fingers that are pointed up, thumbs down as oppose to the “Ok” or thumbs up gesture are some of these gestures though note that these gestures can mean differently in other countries. On the other hand, there are also a lot of gestures that have sexual notions such as gestures that the other person should just fornicate off, or that you are having a relationship with their partner and the like.
  • Mock Attacks: These gestures are more blatant than subtle as compared to other gestures and often give a clear idea of what a person is trying to say or what he or she is experiencing emotionally. Gestures like waving fingers like a baton as if to warn someone, shaking fists to imply that they are angry and that they want to beat you or someone up, swinging legs and many more. Objects may also be used to further emphasize on what the person wants to imply which is probably something you do not want to be the recipient of.
  • Sudden Gestures: Long story short, these gestures are generally movements that are done in a very fast manner depending on the emotional state of a person. It is safe to assume that a person who is not having a good day to execute these gestures real fast and it would be best to avoid interacting with them. If they demonstrate these gestures with strength then you are sure to know that talking with them is probably not a good idea.
  • Large Gestures:The duration and size of these gestures will also help you figure out the level of the person’s aggression is. If these gestures consist only of finger movements then the person is being discreet with his or her aggression. On the other hand, if the gestures involve a lot of movement like sweeping arms or embracing arms or a loud voice or a blatant facial expression then the subject in question wants to clearly display his or her aggressive intent to the subject’s audience.

This concludes the aggressive body language message cluster’s discussion about the three sub-categories of aggressive body language. Note that there are a lot of body language message clusters out there and we have only discussed one so expect to read more!

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