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Ehud Segev – Amazing Mentalist (Times Square Chronicles)

Ehud Segev has brought his extraordinary show to New York for two nights( June 27 and June 29th). Segev is considered a Mentalist as opposed to a magician. He used mind control, thoughts transmission and telepathy to entertain.

Segev interacted with his audience by having them make choices with unimaginable outcome.

For example, a woman was called up to the stage and asked to think of a number. Segev used an easel board to draw grids with squares. Then he filled in each square with numbers and when he was finished he asked the woman to tell what number she was thinking. The woman said 66, than Segev added all the numbers across and they equaled 66. Also, when he added the numbers down also equaled 66.

I, along with the rest of the audience, sat puzzled trying to figure out how Segev did what we just witnessed. The audience sat spellbound as Ehud Segev bent spoons.

Ehud Segev entertained with charm and wit. He radiated great warmth and a love of what he was doing. The word I would use to describe Ehud Segev is amazing.

American Theatre of Actors/Chernuchin

Theater 314 West 54th st.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011 8pm



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