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Is your food ruining your mood?

Often, bad moods happen to all of us! It might be because of a notably tough day, gloomy weather, an increase in unwanted hormones, or just anything else. But one thing so many people ignore is the influence of what you eat on your moods. There’s clear evidence that your diet can influence your mind. Certain foods have been known to make people feel anxious, down and depressed. For instance, extra-high consumption of processed foodstuffs can leave you feeling chronically moody. In nations where people take in a lot of sugar in the diet, rates of depression are even higher!

Below are a number of foods that can leave you feeling moody and depressed in no time.

1.     Coffee

Yes! That favorite morning cup of coffee might be up to no good. You probably have experienced caffeine anxiety before, but if not, don’t underestimate the negative impact this popular beverage can have on your moods. For people who don’t normally suffer from anxiety, coffee can give you anxiety. So if you realize that your cup of coffee gives you jitters, you might just want to switch something else. Too much caffeine levels in your system increase levels of cortisol (stress hormone) and overstimulates you.

2.     Sugar

You probably already know that sugar isn’t the healthiest of foods. It not only negatively affects your body but also your mind. Sugar will send your blood sugar levels on a serious roller coaster, thus negatively affecting your moods. It may cause chronic inflammation and disrupt your immune system, thus increasing the risk of depression. You can do your moods some good by decreasing your total sugar intake!

3.     Trans Fat

Trans Fat (partially hydrogenated oils) happen to be one of the most toxic ingredients found in processed foods. These have been linked to anxiety and depression. Trans Fat is common in packaged and fried junk food including potato chips, French fries, and many desserts. Multiple scientific studies have concluded that these fats, which can clog arteries and lead to serious health concerns, also make people more anxious and depressed. They also may contribute to anti-social behavior and trigger general feelings of exhaustion and malaise.

4.     Gluten

Gluten-free has been one of the biggest marketing big-words in food products of late, and there’s a reason for that! There’s a lot of scientific evidence out there linking gluten to depression. How so? Well, wheat limits production of serotonin ( a hormone associated with moods and social behavior). Though this doesn’t apply to everyone, people who have gluten intolerance may get symptoms of anxiety after consuming wheat products.

5.     Alcohol

Cocktails might not classify under basic foods, but alcohol can all the same contribute to soar moods. Forget the hungover misery, alcohol can negatively affect your moods. Alcohol tends to impact the levels of serotonin (hormone responsible for moods, social behavior, sleep, appetite, etc.) in your system. It may also cause a decrease in blood sugar levels, fasten your heart rate, and impact your nervous system as well!

Want to feel upbeat all day long? You might want to keep away from some of the food substances we’ve covered above. It also helps to exercise regularly, maintain a regular sleep pattern, and cultivate an overall healthy diet.

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