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Body Language Secrets Men Should Know

Though men are not born mind readers, there are ways for them to read girl’s minds and they need not undergo any mystical initiation or scientific experiment. And what is more is that these methods can also be utilized to figure out what other people are actually thinking and what their motives are, regardless of gender. By knowing how and when to exercise these gestures, you can get ahead in most interpersonal interactions. 

  • Appearing Smart: Do you notice some characters in movies, often a villain or someone who is very smart displaying a hand gesture wherein they their hands, particularly their fingers form a triangle of some sort while each elbow is placed on top of a flat surface either flatly or in a raised position? This gesture is called the “steeple” and displaying this gesture gives people the impression that you are smart and is a person with a strong resolve and is trustworthy.
  • Display Your Hands: People who tend to express their thoughts with hand gestures are more interesting to interact with hence it is important that you do not shy away from expressing yourself through the use of your hands. Being animated when you interact with people makes you more interesting and this contributes in getting a person to listen to you and focus on what you are telling them. Meanwhile, keeping your hands hidden tend to give people the impression that you are not comfortable interacting with them.
  • Happy CoupleIdentifying A Genuine Embrace: An embrace is a sign of affection towards someone you care for. On the other hand, this can also mean a sign of respect or camaraderie but how do you know if it is sincere? One way to figure this out is by watching out for the patting gesture that comes along with the embrace because it often signifies that the other person is confused in a way if the embrace should even be taking place in the first place or if they are feeling awkward with the gesture. Best way to handle this is to not take long with embraces and also to just simply let it go and respect the other person’s stand on it.
  • If A Girl Likes You: There are a number of tell tale signs that you can take note of if you are trying to figure out if a girl is interested towards you. One of this is if her stare lingers at you for a long time which can be translated to the girl liking what she is seeing. Fixing her hair and or brushing her outfit can also be interpreted as a sign that she is into you since it means that she is aware that she is being observed by the guy and she wants to look at her best. If she tends to be touchy then it can also be a sign that she likes you since she might be testing her boundaries and trying to see if you will reciprocate.

Spotting a certain body language and being able to interpret it correctly takes practice and a lot of exposure to it. However, mastering puts you at an advantage when it comes to dealing with different people.

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