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How People Judge You On Your First Encounter

They say first impressions last.

We are partnersThis means that you should always look your best and dress your best when you go on meetings, parties, or in public. One's body language and clothing may tip off people about who you are, what you do, and your values just by looking at you.

Upon seeing you, people already make first impressions. Do you look trustworthy? Are you an optimist or a pessimist? Are you approachable or not? All these are given away by our body language.

Judging based on looks may be superficial. However, it can't be helped even if you try to stop it. Since this is the case, you should be aware about what people think of you upon first sight.

Here are ways on how some people judge you just from how you look:

  1. Money. Wearing jewelry, branded clothes, and the latest sneakers will make people think of you as a rich, well-off, affluent part of society. Wearing ragged pants and baggy shirts may imply otherwise.
  1. Sexual orientation. A study has shown that people judge a man's sexual orientation within 1/20th of a second upon meeting them. Your posture and clothes may affect how people judge your gender.
  1. Trustworthiness. People will immediately make judgments on whether they could trust you or not. If given a longer amount of time, they would still have the same choice.
  1. Intellect. Studies have shown that people who make eye contact when they talk are perceived to be smarter. Wearing glasses may also give off a feeling of intellect.
  1. Promiscuity. Wearing short and tight clothes may make people believe you are promiscuous. Tattoos may also lead people to make judgments about your sexual activity.
  1. Dominance. Bald men are seen as more dominant than men with hair. Time to shave, folks.
  1. Success. Men in suits are perceived to be more successful than men in non-tailored suits. This has also been proven in a study when people were asked to compare two people: one wearing a tailored suit, and one in a non-tailored suit.
  1. Adventurousness. Your body language also shows your personality. In a study, students were shown video clips of other students with different walking patterns. A few steps were enough for the students to judge those in the video clip about their personalities. Faster and looser walkers were perceived as adventurous while firm walkers were seen as uptight.

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