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Powerful Methods to Improve Unfavorable Body Language

The things that people say to one another influences how interpersonal relationships go and while knowing what to say at the right time certainly increases the chances of building good rapport with your audience, non-verbal cues can also be as impacting as what you say and sometimes, even more so. However, it is also important to be able to distinguish bad body language from good body language if you want to improve your interpersonal relationship with the people around you. Some of the things that you should keep in mind when it comes to body language are:

Eye Contact: While making eye contact is important in getting people’s interest and attention, overly making eye contact with your every person can come off as a rude behavior. At the same time, lack of eye contact gives the impression to your audience and listener that you are lacking confidence and or you are hiding something; either one of which are not favorable when it comes in building a healthy and favorable interpersonal relationship.

Handshake: It is natural for a lot of people to offer a handshake when they first meet someone and more so when it comes to business meetings. When it comes to offering a hand shakes, it is important to give a firm but not weak hand shake. At the same time, if you offer a hand shake that is too tight, it would come off as being rude and gives the impression that you are a demanding individual.

Posture: When it comes to posture, you should refrain from slouching especially if you are in a business meeting or your superior is speaking with you. Having slouching posture gives you the impression that you are lazy or you have a weak personality and it reflects badly when you are interacting in the work office or if you are in a business appointment.

SpeakerTone of Voice: A high-pitch tone gives the impression that you are nervous and can discredit your statements Speaking is the primary means of communication and it is vital that you are conscious of what you say and the way you say it. Also, speaking in a fast paced manner also gives the idea that you are nervous and not confident about what you are saying. Practicing your tone of voice through a voice recorder or speaking in front of the mirror in an average pace will help you sound confident and exude a healthy personality.

These powerful methods and reminders will help you become better person and will increase the chances of you having a successful and healthy relationship with people you come across with every day.

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