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Body Language Secrets: Reading Foot Movement

psychiatrist examining a female patientWelcome back to another interesting body language session! Were you able to enjoy our last body language subject? Today, we are going to focus on another inconspicuous body part when it comes to the art of body language; the foot. You are probably thinking that this is already going overboard but truth be told that yes, the foot has its own share of expression in relation to what a person is probably thinking at a given a moment. Why do not we go ahead and dive further into the subject?

Pointed Foot: Common knowledge says that if you enter the room and you see a group of people, observing where they have their feet pointed will give you an idea if they like you or not. Similar to our eyes and hands, humans tend to point their feet towards something that interests them without being aware of this. Want to know if that girl on the other table is interested in you? Check out where her stilettos are pointed. On the other hand, if you are in front of the room making a presentation and you notice that some of your audience’s feet are pointed towards the room’s door, then maybe you should stop and let everyone take a short coffee break.

Angled Foot: Imagine the feet angled with respect to each other. When the feet are angled in such a way, they angle outwards. Now, if for example there is a person within that angle then you can interpret that as a form of invitation. On the other hand, if your co-worker who has been working the whole day in front of the computer and has his or her feet in a parallel position, then maybe you should skip the idea of bothering him or her. Then again, if you see a friend quiet in a corner and has his or her feet angled inwards then it is highly likely that he or she is contemplating about something and maybe you should check him or her out to see how your friend is doing.

Movement: It is common for people to move their feet in various ways. You will see people tapping one of their feet while reading the newspaper. Or perhaps a young girl sitting on a edge swinging her feet in carefree manner. These movements have a tale of their own. People who tend to tap their feet re likely getting impatient so if you are in a business meeting and you see a co-worker tapping his or foot repeatedly then chances are that he or she already wants to chill out. On the other hand, if you are dating a guy or a girl and are discussing a personal subject and you notice movement in their clothing around the abdomen area, then there is a possibility that he or she is lying about what he or she is saying.

And you know what? These are but only a few body languages related to the feet and you will discover more as you conduct a thorough research about the body language of the feet.

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