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6 everyday tips to protect your positive energy

When you let the folks around you drain your energy and weigh you down, staying positive can become a daily challenge. Often, people find themselves in situations where they’re surrounded by toxic people. Maybe it’s that negative in-law, or a colleague, sometimes even a parent. If you do not know how to safeguard your positive energy, and especially if you’re a sensitive or empathetic person, this article offers some simple but crucial tips on how to protect your positive energy.

Energy Vampires
Avoid Energy Vampires

Walk away

As goes the popular truism, prevention is better than cure. So whenever possible, walk away from sources of negative energy. Put a distance of at least 20 feet between you and them. See if you can feel some relief from this. The point is not avoiding to offend someone, but rather maintaining some healthy distance (again, whenever possible) between yourself and the energy vampire.

Understand that everyone has their own journeys

Keep in mind that life was never meant to be a straight path. We all have to learn various lessons as we go about our lives. Even that negative person will have their own realizations at one time or the other. Some people call this karma. By adopting a broader view of things and issues in life, you not only get out of your own limited thinking but are also able to protect your positive energy field. Try to look at things from a broader perspective to minimize the number of situations or interactions that have a potential to erode your positive energy.

Take a deep breath

You can never underestimate the power of taking a good, deep breath. Whenever you feel like you’re picking someone’s negative energies, focus on your breath for a couple of minutes. This centers and connects you to your own power. Practice a few breathing techniques that’ll help you exhale stress and inhale calm whenever the situation demands so. This way, you’ll find that you often have an easier time protecting your energy.

Set healthy boundaries

Are you spending too much of your time listening to negative people? Maybe it’s time to take a break or say no. Set clear boundaries and limits between yourself and people who’re radiating negative energy into your life. If someone is starting to get mean, maybe’s it’s time you say no. Remember that ‘no’ is a complete, conclusive sentence.

Visualize Protection

Visualizing protection can be a great way to protect your positive energy. Researchers have established that visualization is an effective technique for mind and body healing. If you’re surrounded by toxic people in your life, visualize a fierce lion (or your favorite canine for that matter) patrolling around and protecting your energy field. Sounds rather simple, even absurd, but this works great!

Take a cold shower

As simple as it might sound, a cold shower is a great way to surface and expel dark, heavy energies from your body. Try to do this anytime you feel weighed down by things, and see how you feel at the end of it.

A bonus tip, decluttering your living spaces can help protect your positive energy and leave you feeling powerful, calm and energetic. Get started with these tips to safeguard your energy and increase your productivity on a daily basis.

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