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The Mentalizer Milestone: April 4th, 2013!

Why is April 4, 2013 an important date to mark on your calendar???

Any wild guesses? Let me narrow it down for you by eliminating some catastrophic scenarios you might be thinking about:  no, we won’t be hit by a meteor or a comet. No, the world will not end. And no, aliens will not come to earth and whisk us all away in their spaceships!

(Of course, I might be wrong, in which case all I can say is…oops!:)

Actually, I am happy to report that the event taking place on April 4 (and every week thereafter) will be positive, constructive, and empowering. To put it simply, IT WILL TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE!



Remember the email I sent you a few weeks ago announcing the launch of a brand new and exciting program featuring the most thorough and in-depth “how-to” guide into the intriguing world of Mentalism?

I am a man of my word and always keep my promises. And on April 4 (4-4), you will receive the first (of 52) parts of this truly fascinating program that will explain in detail the tools and techniques every mentalizer should master.

It won’t be hocus-pocus or full of gimmicks usually associated with magicians. If you expect to pull rabbits out of a hat or coins from someone’s ear, well, you probably need another kind of program. But if you are interested in the REAL Mentalism, which is based on highly developed mental abilities, as well as knowledge of human psychology and behavior, then you came to the right place. And I am glad you did!

The shape of things to come

Here’s a little quiz for you:

  1. What is the difference between the mind and brain?
  2. Where does your consciousness live?
  3. How can you “de-clutter” your brain?
  4. What does it mean when someone blinks rapidly and hunches his shoulders while talking to you?
  5. How to tell whether someone is lying or being honest?
  6. What is the name of your bank and the PIN code to access your account?

(Okay, I admit, this last question was…hocus-pocus!)

All will be revealed to you in due time (starting, as mentioned above, on 4-4), but here is a brief preview of what you can expect to explore and discover in this awesome program:

  • What skills and abilities a mentalizer should learn and develop – and how to do this.
  • How to “exercise” your brain to maximize its power.
  • Details of how to develop super memory, interpret body language, influence human behavior, “read” someone’s mind, and many, many more amazing concepts.

Are you as excited as I am? I hope so because I have a huge favor to ask of you…


Create the buzz!

You know and I know that the upcoming new program is terrific. But, does everyone else know this too? My guess is that people who are not getting my emails are not privy to this …mind-blowing information.

So, I need to pick your brain! (Yes, it does sound rather yucky, but I promise to leave enough of the gray matter in your head to allow you to benefit from this program!)

I am asking all of you who are reading this to help me spread the word about my program. I’d like you to tap into your mind’s power and unleash your imagination, so you can come up with some creative, punchy, catchy, out-of-the-box ideas for a viral distribution that will create a big buzz on social networks and in the media, generating widespread interest and lots of eager new members. (Notice: no sending of smoke signals, carrier pigeons, or Morse codes allowed. Let’s stick to the 21st century, people!).

This is your chance to become a creative and innovative thinker. What do you believe is the best way to promote this program and make sure it snowballs – travels though the social media and search engines with a speed of lightning, prompting so many curious people to sign up that my mailbox will burst at the seams?

This is your mission, should you choose to accept it: simply write your brilliant idea in the comment section bellow! The best suggestion will win a terrific prize – a set of my DVDs AND my special Mentalizer Pendulum (which are worth $98) for FREE.

So put on your thinking cap on get your creative juices flowing. And remember to begin the countdown to April 4th – the first day of your new life as a mentalizer!

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