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Do dreams really mean something?

dreamsEvery 90-120 minutes each night, every single person on earth is dreaming. Hard to believe, right? You may or may not remember most of your dreams. Sometimes, they are as straightforward as they could ever get: a reconnection with a lost friend, winning a lottery jackpot, etc. But often, dreams are complicated in that they don’t tell a simple story. There’s an evident trend though that people from different cultures and backgrounds sometimes have similar dreams. These are common dreams about common things, and it’s easy to somewhat interpret them.

Dreams of being chased

Being chased – this is one of the most common dreams that people experience. The outstanding thing about it is that you tend to feel very vivid anxiety. And that’s probably why it’s easy to remember this kind of dreams. If you get a chase dream, it might mean that you’re running away from something in life – something that rather needs your attention!

Dreams about people

If you’re seeing other people in your dreams, this is a reflection of yourself. It’s all about your characteristics. For instance, if you dream about a loved one, this symbolizes an aspect of yourself that you feel detached from. Dreams about people are usually about interpersonal issues or relationships that you need to work through.

Dreams of being paralyzed

Scientifically, your body suffers some form of paralysis when you’re dreaming. This is good in that it prevents it from performing the actions in the dream. But if you’re dreaming about paralysis, this is often an indicator that you feel you lack control in your waking life.

Dreams about death

These can be some of the most nerve-chilling types of dreams ever – but they aren’t usually as negative as they are perceived. Death dreams often symbolize dramatic change, where the end of one thing happens in order to create room for something new.

Dreams about baby

Dreams are often a symbol of something new – new idea, new work, new project, new potential for growth in a particular area of life, or new development.

Dreams about falling

Most falling dreams are negative and scary, but not all. Some people have experienced a form of slow falling that actually symbolizes serenity and the process of letting go. However, if you’re uncontrollably falling from a great height, this is an indicator that something in your life feels significantly out of control.

Dreams about house

Is there a house in your dream? The various rooms often signify different levels of consciousness. The basement might represent things that you have neglected in your life or something that you mightn’t be aware of in life. Bedrooms often relate to intimate feelings and thoughts.

Dreams about sex

These dreams often serve as an outlet for sexual expression. They may also indicate connections with one’s self and others, as well as the integration (figurative) of new information.

Interesting? Should be! However, it’s important to note that this article is not a one-size-fits-all explanation for dreams. Only the person who’s dreaming can fully interpret what their dreams mean and how they connect to their life. So think deep about what situations you’re in and try to make sense of the dream!

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